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  • ProfitPiranha ProfitPiranha Oct 5, 1998 4:37 PM Flag


    Anybody ever seen Deliverance? That's kind of what I feel like I'm getting right now. Only difference is Clete hasn't requested that I squeel like a pig....yet.


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    • One more thing-- in October 1998, $10 million was
      authorized to repurchase shares.

      Does anyone know if any shares were actually
      repurchased under this plan?

    • I'll check and see what I've got going on. Look for an email from me in a couple of days.

      Thanks for the interest,


    • Got any job orders for VB Programmers at your
      firm? I'm about to throw myself back into the job
      market but I won't look through RHS because it is kind
      of a conflict of interest. My current employer seems
      to be hell bent and determined on making me do
      software testing which I absolutely loathe. Not to mention
      I'm not getting paid squat. Granted, when my father
      died, I left school at Auburn to come home and stay
      with my mother since we have no other family in the
      area so I don't have my bachelors yet. I do have an
      associates degree in Computer Science(3.2 gpa) and I'm
      curently finishing my MIS at night at UAB. The bottom line
      is I'm not getting to do the kind of work I thought
      I would be doing when I got hired here and my
      paycheck is substandard for ANY programmer. I took the
      first job I could get when I moved back here because I
      was in a hurry to be employed but, now, it's time to
      move on. If you could help me or have any suggestions
      I would greatly appreciate it. You can email me at


    • It "appears" todays volume reflected a larger
      than usual amount. 325,900 versus 30 day average of
      192,000. Can this increase be attributed to STAF
      repurchasing some shares today? If so, it would seem it won't
      take long before the 10 million is spent. This will
      help the price for now, but will it last before the
      "shorts" come back in to bring us down again??? Any
      comments? Thanks in advance......

    • Just wanted to reiterate the "thanks" for your
      insights. Your comments about StaffMark are echoed
      throughout the industry by other companies that have agreed
      to be acquired and, believe it or not, StaffMark's

      Keep buying these cheap shares. They won't be on sale


    • It is becoming a tough business. Mergers and
      acquisitions in the staffing industry lead all other
      industries in this category. Not to mention that fact that
      every Tom, Dick and Harry are getting into the business
      with mom and pop operations.

      STAF has one
      thing going for it that most common companies do
      not...a worldwide presence. The companies they have
      acquired have all been very profitable and have shown
      steady growth patterns. If they keep that type business
      philosophy up you will see a rebound in the stock price. I
      do agree that they need to place more press releases
      in the news. Silence can be deadly at times.

    • Thanks to everyone for your concern and
      comforting comments. My father had many companies approach
      him about the sale of his business. He considered
      several but Staffmark was the only one that really
      impressed him. They shared the same business ethics and
      vision for the future. Even though the management at
      STAF is young he considered them to be extremely
      intelligent, go getters, that would undoubtedly carry this
      company ahead of its competitors. He worked his ass off
      and put his whole life into building RHS and believe
      me, he wouldn't have handed it over to just

      Just hang on guys. The boys in Fayetteville know what
      they're doing. We'll be back in black soon


    • I too would like to say thanks for your
      information and enjoy reading your posts. I did'nt know your
      dad, but I'm sure he would be proud of the way you
      have carried on his legacy. Best of luck to you and
      your family.

    • A toast to you and your contributions to this message board - comments like yours add more than all the technical guessmania.

    • There has occasionally been talk of options on this board. Where do I go to look up option prices on the net? Any thoughts out there on this subject?

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