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  • chrishasty_1982 chrishasty_1982 Jun 15, 2011 5:42 PM Flag

    What a disaster

    If you think everyone is stupid that paid more than you did for the stock then why did you buy it?

    Did you sell at 7$ If you didn't than you are just as stupid as the people that were buying there if you really think about it.

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    • Sorry, I'm not trying to create a problem, I'm sorry you took it the wrong way. I'm just tired of people who don't follow a company and then buy with no knowledge at a high level after a huge price spike then suddenly call the stock a POS because it goes down. I just think you should know something about a company before you invest in it, at least that way if you lose money at least you made an effort not to. I also wouldn't put too much faith in an anylyst's target price. If investing were that easy we could all just buy every stock with a price below the target and make money consistently......I don't think that has ever worked for anybody. Analysts adjust their price targets up and down all the time usually after a stock move.

      To answer your question, No, I didn't sell all I had at $7. I have a low cost basis and I sold what I had just purchased at $3.75 in a non- taxable account at $6.91 but I kept the rest of my position because you are right, there's no way to know what will happen and I'm in for the long haul. I don't think I was stupid, I still have a profit and the folks who bought at $7 have a loss at least for now although it may still turn out to be a good deal for them if they average down and hold for the long term. I'm no genius, I didn't know the stock would shoot up 65% but I had watched HIL long enough to recognize a good deal at $4.50 and below.

      In any case, you can just put me on ignore if you want :) I'm sorry if I offended you in some way. Good luck.

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