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  • brooklynusmc91 brooklynusmc91 Sep 28, 2011 5:59 AM Flag

    Is this Company supporting Terrorist?

    the new rebel leader is a member of Al Quada is the monet they are getting from the oil production going to fund terrorism if so I can't invest in such company as an American Veteran/ Patriot. Please no BS answers

    Semper Fi,

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    • what a stupid ?????

    • brooklynusm, you suggest having been a U.S. Marine... myself, Forecon... semper fi means "always" faithful, not just while active duty, yet afterwards too... in Forecon, we didn't care what the politics were, for it wasn't for us to make that distinction... and yet you choose to do sooo, today... hmmm... wouldn't want you beside me when the bullets are flying...

      In Lybia, European nations, over six years, saw their percentage of oil reduced, oil given over to Chinese and Russian oil companies instead... thus European nations banded together to support the rebels, to over throw the Lybian government... a lot of different "politics" involved here... yet as a Marine, you adapt, you overcome, you accomplish the mission, nooo matter what you have to do... thus, as a Marine, you don't get bothered with whatever the "politics" might be, all you care about is the mission, accomplished...

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