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  • bearofbleecker bearofbleecker Jan 24, 2007 9:57 AM Flag

    Note to Montereyguy

    It never occurred to me that independent retailers used e-bay as an outlet for their overstocks. One more question: Do you have an agreement with UA which forbids you to take markdowns? Isn't that illegal? I remember a story about Mort Bushop, the hereditary head of Pendleton, walking into Macy's in New York and finding, to his horror, that they were discounting Pendleton shirts; whereupon he whipped out his checkbook and bought every Pendleton shirt they had in stock. Having met the man, I'd say that this is plausible.
    If he's still alive, he's probably spending a lot of time on e-bay.

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    • DKS short looking good today. Market obviously unaware of huge profits they are raking in selling those UA hoodies to daughters of New Jersey hedge fund managers.

    • MOst of my vendors require that you sell at the MAP (minimum advertised price) they don't want to see there stuff on ebay or anywhere being discounted as it hurts the name and all. However I see it all over the place and I think they would have a hard time enforcing it, when we need to move inventory thats not selling.

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      • I just read the precis' of the upgrade note from the Credit-Suisse analyst, Omar Saad. I am wondering whether his optimism is really based on the wild popularity of UA's new moisture-wicking burkah. Maybe his kid asked for one for Ramadan. Seriously, he counters the valuation sceptics by saying "we offer the intriguing possibility" that UA can be a relatively low volume, high-price, high mark-up player in the athletic gear market. I don't think that this PE is supported by an "intriguing posibility". I think that in order to pull that position off, UA would have to be sold out of company-owned boutiques on Beverly Drive, rather than Dick's. Get real, Omar.

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