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  • jimdudd jimdudd Jan 24, 2007 5:00 PM Flag

    pucker up shorties........

    get ready for the loosing feeling

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    • Well, I covered 1,000 at 49.50 today since they were clearly determined to put the brakes on there. Shorted another 1,000 at 49.82, thinking it would come back down a little at the close. Still cautious here, since I think they have to give it one more pump. I say sit back and enjoy the ride for awhile - the longs are more nervous here than we are.
      Overall, I think the big guys are expecting a major selloff in the market after the good earnings news. The NASDAQ gave back almost all of yesterday's gain today in spite of strong earnings from EBAY, YHOO, QCOM etc.
      Incidentally,Columbia Sportswear reported after the bell - strong sales and profits for last quarter, relatively weak guidance for next quarter. (Must have loaded you retailers up.)At the moment, I've given back all my profits and then some, but I don't think it's going anywhere.
      As for UA tomorrow, I'd watch and see if it gets held up at that 49.50 level again and if the large bids get filled without any upward movement in the stock price, which would be consistent with my conspiratorial walk-down theory. Or, if the market opens strongly, it just may do what it usually does: pop at the open, sell off a bit shortly thereafter, then get goosed up in sharp increments. In which case, I'll cover a little on the dip and wait and see if they get silly on low volume. I wouldn't be too eager to add to my short position here otherwise. Good luck.

    • just Credit Suiss and their clients bailing out at better prices than were available prior to the Cr. Sw. pump.

      I think a few more bagholders could show up tomorrow, even Monday, to move things a little higher but prior to the 2/1 earnings announcement, I'm thinking there will be a GIANT sucking sound as investors exit ahead of the announcement.

      Any hint of soften demand going forward will probably take the stock down a good bit, even if they meet current expectations.

      All new bagholders, please sign in at the front desk and turn in your wallets.

    • Today was not due to company weakness, this was all broad market correction action, hell, it might even bump up tomorrow a little, you never can tell.


    • You mean "losing" feeling. (Why is it that all the longs on these junk stocks can't spell? Maybe because ... never mind.)

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