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  • dems_please_fix_america dems_please_fix_america Aug 13, 2007 4:02 AM Flag

    huge reason half the float is short

    this is a fad that will pass.

    Most people that are short have probably been in several stores like myself and seen that under armors products are not selling.

    They are spending all this money talking to people and hiring sales reps and paying people to wear their stuff.
    look at where that got JONES share price JSDA, not even as much hype as UA but just as many shorts and bang, the drop , the freefall, the tankange from 32.60- 9.60, the last was all kinds of momentum buying over 15 and then after earnings miss, under 10, alot of money was taken and it will be here also. if they (meaning the rich guys were going to run this pos up they would take it down first so the shorts would cover and they could buy their shares and then explode it, UA is simply dangerous with retail doing so bad and this economy doing so bad.Anybody you talk to says house worst they have ever seen, jobs, the classified section of the newspaper is horrible in so many cities and I'm telling you at least a 20 point haircut is coming very soon, maybe 30 points, then I would watch for 5 days and think about buying.

    I like growth stocks which have serious profit, are the future and are not heavily shorted, so many have compared this to hlys, look what happened to that, that stock will never come back, also we all know we will see a crash or close to it right before the elections, we almost always do and we have a new fed, regardless of if you have confidence in him, the rest of the world does not yet.

    I will continue to buy puts weekly and am long ICE NMX MNT and thats it, I am short alot of things.

    And its so funny how those longs that bought at 25 30, 40 at the most are posting strong buy with half the float short and the market acting like it has a cold. Bottomline, if UA was a good deal with half the float short and a sky high share price,some big fish would have already bought alot and tried to trigger a short squeeze but those rich guys that follow UA and not many exist simply said "UA is way too risky this high"

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    • Wake up. UA is just getting started. They haven't even put out a jogging/cross trainer shoe or basketball shoe yet (the most profitable items in sports apparel). Both coming 2008. You will look back in 5-10 years when the rest of us have cleaned up and realize that you didn't have a clue.

      What is this B.S. about product not selling? Listen to the CC from 2 weeks ago. 51% top line growth. That is a fact. Full shelves at retailers is how retail is run. The product sells, you put more on the shelf. I know it's a hard concept for you to understand.

      I went to Dicks yesterday to get a UA back-pack for my kid and they were sold out at $49 each. More coming in Weds.
      Nike can't sell a backpack for $49.
      It's over for the swoosh.

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