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  • indian8788 indian8788 Nov 9, 2012 12:31 PM Flag

    CNBC = The Apple Infomerica Channel

    I mean seriously, this is business reporting at its best?!!!! Are these guys joking? Can we get some people to call in and remind them that there are about another 9000 other stocks out there!

    Imagine UA got this kind of exposure on that channel. No way we'd be sitting here at 5.23B, just no way. I get that Apple is big and the market cap is huge but to talk about it all DAY is just wasteful. That's the point. Wave the bad candy in front of the kids(the sheep that are the general public) and save the healthy stuff(the undiscovered/underexposed gems like UA and Dollar Tree and now Dekcers) for themselves. Keep selling the overhyped(in the sense that it is all anybody tlaks about despite the products being great), and 500B market ca that will make very few investors any more HUGE money and keep
    the companies like DECK(thrown out in the trash despite earning 150M+), UA, the second coming and better version of NIKE, and Dollar Tree which sells all the major products most people need and dirt cheap prices(let's face it, there are plenty of us in this country who literally live hand to mouth and this is where they are shopping).

    CNBC, what one watches to make themselves stupider(guilty as charged ;)


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