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  • indian8788 indian8788 Feb 4, 2013 8:58 PM Flag

    Hey Jim Cramer, you need this

    You need to watch the Warren Buffet speech given at U Geogia. Since you believe the "method"(are you kidding?) you gave tonight on your show was good, you desperately need to watch it.

    I know, its CRAZY that you have your own show especially because people can compare what you said tonight(I'm still laughing) to the actual KING of modern era

    youtube /watch?v=2a9Lx9J8uSs

    After you're done Jim, you can go $$$$ yourself you scmuck.


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    • bump.


    • Notice that cramer opened tonights show by saying "I have come to the conclusion that most people watching my show are not traders but mom and pop investors". Your just concluding this now? Would it have made a difference had you figured this out sooner lol. Your methods of "investing" have all sounded like the thoughts of a momo trader because it is all you know. You are an action junkie.

      Why the need to constantly push animal noise and buttons in general? You know glenn beck(despite he too having a lot in common with you as your both nuts) had a successful show with just a chalk board. It says a lot that you need constantly moving cameras and animal noises to distract the morons actually watching the show for anything but "entertainment"


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      • I would also add that tonight was the first show I have ever seen Cramer not push a button! I never thought I'd see the day. I think most people would conclude that in and of itself made the show better because Jimbo/cnbc....we are not children, we are adults. The channel you are expressing yourself as(the first in business worldwide)....sorry, I'm laughing a I type this and think about the cow with world business leaders and the the world of money. The area you are in brought our economy to our knees(you're channel and the casino mindset it created must have lost plenty of people money during that time as well) and REQUIRED an $800B government bailout to banks.

        You take this treasure that you have....and completely destroy any respect people should have to this industry. You can always rectify it yet./...everyday that the show comes back on and you push your cow buttons to make noise just continues to trash whatever "respect" people had for this industry.

        First in business worldwide my $$$.


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