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  • legaleagle73 legaleagle73 Feb 8, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    Oh, and Indian8788, why don't you confess...

    So check it out, folks...there's a specific reason Indian8788 suddenly started disliking UA, and it has nothing to do with the stock itself.

    "Indian8788" was turned down on January 8th for a UA retail job paying $10.25/hour. (Yup, our self-deluded big-wig "smart money" guy is applying for $10/hour retail jobs. LOL!)

    How do I know this? Let's just say this is still a relatively small industry, with lots of people who know and talk to each other. Apparently he wasn't even given an interview. I suspect because they know who he is, and from his posts on this board they knew he's a little "off".

    Indian8788, it seems you "forgot" to tell us about all this. I was kidding you about working retail at CVS, but apparently I wasn't far off the mark!

    Come on now...confession is good for the soul. ;)

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    • BTW, I woud point out that jobs these days all pay that #$%$(welcome to the new economy). I'm so "embarrassed for trying to get into a young company and potentially work my way up. I'm "humiliated". lol.

      That was in fact your point was it not? FAIL


    • legal, i would lay off the kid... if what you are saying is true the kid has some serious problems.

      he has been exhibiting some serious "delusions of grandeur"-- as noted in his belief that cramer is directly responding to him -- this reflects a serious psychiatric condition -- so again, i would lay off
      if he is a real person, it is sad actually what has happened to him... the kid is off the rails - sad because at least some of the time he made a few good points... and hey he is on occasion on the money with a stock even though his timing is usually pitiful (nflx, deck)

      still, i just do not believe he is who he says he is.... if you look back at his "blog" -- there is a picture of him with no name etc etc. -- the last post he had up there was to short amazon back in the fall and then nothing --- if you really want to develop a following (which he never did on his blog) you just do not go about doing it that way...

      last year he said he attended the UA annual meeting and asked questions so yes UA would know who he is since you have to identify yourself at these meetings...

      doc ufood

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      • Dan, I did apply for a job at UA and did in fact not get the job. But I also applied for a job at UA when I first got interested in the stock and didn't got the job then either. I still liked the company from an investment standoint as I had made the case of risk/reward too many times to count on this board.

        As for why apply for a job at UA to begin with. Why wouldn;t I want to work for a company I believe my money should be behind or work for a guy like Plank who's leadership skills I admire. The problem with my generation is going after degrees they don't need/want and taking the job they will hate. So I have no problem with admitting that I applied for a job TWICE at UA and did not get it.

        It works out in the end because I would have strongly disliked working in retail as you can tell, my skills are elsewhere.

        My "hatred" towards the stock has nothing to do with my not getting a job at UA as I was "rejected" twice, once two years ago and once a little less than a year ago. Notice I didn't turn negative until late december/ first week of january so legaleagle's theory is clearly erroneaus.

        I do find it interesting though that he was able to obtain this info and I will talk to a lawyer to go about finding out how this is possible or even legal.

        As for comments besides that, what do I need to comment on. This stock is dead money and the two stocks I've mentioned as better investments(SBUX and Deckers are crushing this ig) so money talks, BS walks.

        One can take whatever they want from his comment, but I am urely negative on UA from a valuation standpoint. The footwear is nowhere near where one would expect it to be at this point(8 years in) and international is the same as when I first invested(yet stock is up 200%).

        So what reason is UA giving an investor to hold their stock. UA the company and UA the stock are two different beings.As I have already proven, there are better investments elsewhere. UA will be hearing from me.


      • Fair points, doc ufood.

        Yes, unfortunately what I posted is true. It's a shame that being denied an interview (much less a job), he made the ill-advised decision to start bashing the company. The poor guy is obviously young and immature, but even so you'd think he might have a little more sense than this.

        And yes, when he got on here and claimed that Jim Cramer was a.) reading Yahoo message boards (LOL!), b.) reading the Yahoo UA message board in particular, and c.) actually responding to him specifically, at first I couldn't tell if Indian was just joking around or if he REALLY believed that Jim Cramer was talking directly to him! It became apparent from that thread that he wasn't kidding at all, which as you stated suggests some potentially serious psychiatric issues.

        The guy has always been a little full of himself (not all that uncommon with youngin's like himself), and my guess is that he has delusions of grandeur to help him cope with his actual reality, which is that of a directionless, broke young man who desperately wants to be perceived as being more important and knowledgeable than he actually is. So, he invents these fantasies in his head where he is a big-time investor and where Jim Cramer talks to him.

        Hopefully he'll seek some professional help.

      • closed out long position on lod , the 4 hr failed to close over the 50.24 it may still be in a bull flag/ triangle consolidation, but it seems there is no upside conviction. disapointing when i see an incredible bullish set up fizzle out

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