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  • crackheadmike1234 crackheadmike1234 Sep 5, 2008 11:32 AM Flag

    Contracts are priced into stock pricing


    You all put so much emphasis on new contracts. All they do is try to fill excess production capacity that you have already forecasted as part of your 3 and 5 year models. They should have Zero impact on the pricing.

    They will have 3.2GW+ wafer capacity ready for 2010. yet they only have less than 1.5GW in capacity on backlog.

    They only have 9GW backlog for 8 years of production of wich they will have an anualized average capacity that will reach a total production of a minimum of 40GW or more during that timeperiod.

    They can announce another 12GW of long term contracts and still have 50% excess capacity planned that you have already factored into their growth.

    so contracts mean squat...

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    • Actually SFBrains.. The stock has just risen about 60% so it was due for a little test/correction.. We are technically bullish after today looking for confirmation monday. Once we close higher then the open on Monday we will retest the highs we just made..

    • I know I know "We'll make it up in volume" , that's how Microsoft made their money, and you're absolutely brainless.

    • Ok genius. What is the percentage world wide usage of solar. Enough said you little jerk off.

    • Alpha, you are so full of shit. California 3.2 billion solar initiative. BFD. US solar. BFD. The rest of the entire world is much bigger then the US. Your are a joke. Don't try to complicate your bullshit. Looser. LMFAO!

    • LDK will make more$$$ than wfr next year they are trading at a $9 billion cap so LDK should double you are the one who compared them and the price of poly will drop but LDK's cost is still up to $30kg and right now i think the price is above $200kg and wfr is going down due to their semi conductor business their solar business is as good as they can make it they had production problems

    • MARKET CAP SHOULD BE 10B,=100 A SHARE=at least=look at fslr,or stp,or any solar stock.ldk is number 1, and i,ll have a cold one,and wait for the slow learners to wake up.

    • MARKET CAP SHOULD BE 10B,=100 A SHARE=at least=look at fslr,or stp,or any solar stock.ldk is number 1, and i,ll have a cold one,and wait for the slow learners to wake up.

    • crackhead, you say: " contracts mean squat..." and basically you are saying that pps already reflected sales of full capacity. If that is the case, then why was the pps below $20 not long ago and why was it as high as over $52 last week while stated future capcity did not change at all as you said? The efficient market should have reflected everything as you claim and nothing was really "new", therefore means "squat", if you are correct why bother shorting or going long? BTW, LDK will continue to grow capacity and sales as long as solar is growing (it is currently less than 1% of energy source in many countries) and the PEG shows clearly that those are not yet priced in. If they do announce a growth, some analysts and people like you will twist it so that "they need more cash than they have ...dilution coming...margin decline..." we have heard a lot of those. Contracts do matter, thay may scare the shorts but the market will welcome them.

    • does all that really matter LDK has a product they are sold out of that product there is a growing demand for this product and everybody is running to LDK who is growing faster than almost any other company with their market cap in the world...... and repeat LDK has a procuct

    • What is missing from Crack is the brainless thought that no more contracts will be signed in coming weeks and years. Total BS. When poly plants come on line, contracts will increase dramatically due to competitive pricing that will win LDK mega market share. THAT'S what is missing.....CRACKEHEAD"S BRAIN is MISSING.

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