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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Jun 9, 2010 12:40 PM Flag

    nobody wants this stock but we need our opiates

    so don't feel bad, LDK STP SPWRA SOL TSL JASO WFR CSIQ and many more will all get hammered much, much lower as the subsidys are gone and now even all the buyers that bought last march either sold for a profit or are seriously upside down and rethinking the solar future all together or moving out the timeline from 2013 to 2016 at the earliest before they will get any real love again. Rumor has it Obama is going to demand oil at 50 a barrel or lower for between 9 months and a year, that will absolutely destroy solar stocks pps. The oil demand is based on the fact that is the only way to get the economy back moving the right way so jobs and hiring come back. In Florida where I live but not for long as the tourism stops and this whole state will be a ghost town, their was 25% unemployment and no jobs in Florida before the oil spill. Jails way overcrowded, everybody so depressed down here, they are all hooked on the oxycontin opiates and with all the crooked doctors writing scripts because their practices are down 60% on the average, they just want to keep the doors open and make 250.00 a day off 100 patients a day and some are such scammers they hit the same patient every 2 weeks so they can write him more stuff and they get 150 each visit, some docs 450 first visit, load you up with Opana 10mg instant release,240 or 300 a month (so good the pharmacys can't keep them in stock)and every 3rd or 4th house is a grandma drug dealer selling opiates and installing cameras and taking serious security measuers but hey they got a script and the docs take whoever brought coke to their office ahead of all the other patients, we have not treated pain enough in the past and as we are getting older 35-45 year olds have already been on Narco or vicodin or percoset, 6 a day or so, so that they can be more productive citizens and harder workers but now they need roxycodone or oxycontin or the best Opana because you build up a serious tolerance after being on them a year or more.If every states doctors had the balls to write narcotics like they write them in Florida and California, united states citizens producttivity would go way up.The problem is if they crackdown on the narcotics, the illegal mexicans will flood the big citys with heroine and people will want and need their pain gone. Weed should have been legal so long ago in every state its not even funny. If the rest of the country people could get opiates as easily and readily available, production by workers would go way up as a country and we would see in America we have been undertreating pain for many many years and now have a huge % of the aging population hurting, I am 35 and feel 55.Only thing that keeps me from moving out of the horrible state of Florida is what a hassle it will be to get my painkillers in the states I want to move to. Arkansas,Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennesee, the doctors up their don't even want to write out 5 or 6 Narco 10mgs a day, doctors afraid to do their jon because the DEA harasses them, the docs in Florida have to write the narcotics because patients demand them and they have already made enough money over the last 5 years to pay for the lawyers to handle the DEA, that was paid for by the rule of schedule 2 narcotics not having refills, they are not allowed so instead they get that 250 a day off 100 patients almost 90% of which are their to get pain relief from Loritabs to Percs all the way to morphine lollipops, fentenayl, oxycontin, finally the best which is Opana 10mg instant release.Doctors who do not treat pain adequately enough make me sick because they do not listen to their patients or trust how much pain they are in, I had to go get 4 different mri's to cover my doctors ass and make him feel better about writing me what I need for 80% of my cartilage gone in my spine and scoliosis from a very early age.

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