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  • gosolar63 gosolar63 Aug 30, 2011 7:15 PM Flag


    Three major concerns that stupid analysts brought up:
    a. TOO much debt
    b. No business
    C. Local bank will desert LDK
    And finally, can we trust these stupid analysts?

    Too much debt: I am sure LDK does not have as much debt as USA. Our own GDP is growing like a turtle compared to LDK, which has grown hundred times from last year. How come they don't mention that? To be one the biggest solar companies, with fully integrated facility, obviously with common sense that the business has to borrow money to expand ( business 101). How many vertically integrated manufacturer in this world? Not too many, am I correct? Sooner or later, LDK will out compete the rest of solar companies.

    No Business: CHINA Fit, Japan Fit, possible USA, possible India... The world has to go alternative energy: Solar, wind. Not too many choices, am I correct?

    Local Chinese bank will desert LDK:
    LDK is one of the biggest solar companies in China, with its own solar university.
    It provides thousands of jobs for the many Chinese.
    LDK is backed up by one of the richest banks, mainly China's government.
    Solar is China's pride, and LDK is its extended arm for fulfilling its dream.

    If you are Chinese, which place you want to invest in, fully integrated China Solar Company or buyin bonds from USA? How come no analysts investigate the special mutual relationship between China and LDK?
    LDK bought back one billion dollar of its shares. Do you think that it does that without an approval of China bank? obviously the shares have to be cheap, otherwise China Bank would not approve the transaction.
    Not too many floating shares left, potential for a strong short squeeze coming.
    IPO is still under plan, train 3 is coming.

    MY conclusion is that the analysts are full of ... their analyses are all served for their own stupid biasing opinions, and their estimates for LDK are usually wrong, so why should we believe them?

    So LONGS, enjoy your ride to the top.

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    • Now we know who all the naked short sellers are, trying to cover there a.s.s.

    • good luck with that, should of taken your $3 and run with it. hope you don't lose it all in the coming month leading up to a huge Q3 miss.

    • I actually bought this stock at $7 last year and sold it for $11....

      I bought again this year at $6.78....

      I expect to sell again this year at around $10

    • "I remember when Apple shares were $70 in 2008. The iPhone had just come out, and I should have had the forsight to see that as the next big thing, but I didn't."

      yeah, you bought this stock for $60? nice move there!!!

    • i am glad you think you need to spend money to make money, wasn't the idea of a ponzi scheme?

      face it america cut LDK off money so they tapping CDB for all they can before they come back and say we want it all. i seriously think you longs are crazy if you think china is investing its money so you can make money! it just isn't how china does business!

    • Forget 1997,

      I remember when Apple shares were $70 in 2008. The iPhone had just come out, and I should have had the forsight to see that as the next big thing, but I didn't.

      I thought that Apple software was junk, and their computers had never been my favourite. I didn't think they'd be able to get by with one sku. But they fooled me....

      The stock market has plenty of stories about winners and losers besides Apple.

      The trick is trying to envison what is next.

      Solar seems to be the next thing as far as energy production is concerned.

    • Both of you have good points. However, I agree with Midnigh that debt is not an important factor if there is a potential for growth. Look at us, US government has the most debts in the world, but we still one of the most powerful nations in the world, since we have potential to reach greatness. Therefore, potential is very important in business. Another example, if you want to be a medical doctor, you have to take out loans, spend time to study, then money will follow.
      Regarding LDK, Pipster, can you name three companies in the world that are fully integrated Solar Company? No pain, no is the fact of life. So please look at this company in a different angle other than the stupid analysts does, then you will find a valuable gem in LDK. After all, most people lose money from following the analysts. Few people win because they have a vision seeing the real value, a potential of a company. Remember, Apple shares were only 6 dollars in 1997, if I remember correctly, and how many of us missed that opportunity?

    • 5 billion in sales? are you serious? look they already sold part of their assets you so much hold dear. also factor in just when was these assets last appraised? i can bet those numbers are all buuuulllllshiiiiiittttttt!

      LDK will go BK and the banks will just own it outright! just look what is going on and figure it out before you lose even more money! (look no further then CDB and the 22% of poly plant they now own and you got NOTHING for it) slowly but surely it will all be gone like this!

    • Well said. Thank you!!!

    • Debt is usually offset by Assets.

      LDK has close to 7 Billion in Assets.

      I am not worried about the amount of debt LDK is taking on. LDK has the potential to have sales of 5 Billion a year in the next 3 years.

      Shorts won't be able to bankrupt this company. They are going to have to cover eventually. It isn't going to be pretty for them either.

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