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  • ducpho466 ducpho466 Sep 20, 2011 5:41 PM Flag

    Why aren't the Chinese fighting back?

    It seems probable that the Fossils (oil,gas,coal) are working with and probably funding WS crooks in an effort to kill solar for the same reasons that horse breeders would have killed the auto industry if they could.

    Why the Chinese government is taking this lying down is a mystery. They could say to US Gov "stop your criminals from trashing our companies or we will call in debts that you cannot pay and we will stop loaning you more money.We can also unload so much gold that your gold bubble will burst and your billionaires will become millionaires."

    LDK and the other solars could fund their own PACs, buy lobbiests and force Congress to act on the crime wave. They could also pay a dividend. They could also do some pump news. They are not.

    Maybe LDK and the PRC want to buy back the entire float in all the solars and cut the Americans out. They really do not need us. Maybe Peng cheers every time the PPS drops because it makes it easier for him to take his company private. If that happens, what happens to us longs? Anybody got an informed answer to that? I've asked many times on this board and never gotten an answer.

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    • I believe if company wants to do buyback of entire float, they offer a price should be above book value or atleast book value. Correct me if I am wrong.

      I think this is again a golden opportunity to load and even for company to do another buyback.

    • The stock price helps companies raise money via the market place.

      The low price makes companies LOOK bad or scary.

      Read the articles that show solar is cost competitive with nukes, NG, and coal. The adversaries are patently obvious. The US is the "Saudi Arabia" of coal and natural gas. We have tons of coal reserves and natural gas supplies. We will pay a different price by continuing to extract fossil fuels and use them.

      LDK has $8.9 billion in funds to build solar plants. anything from 1 MW to 500 MW. LDK's market cap is about $600 million. How does this make sense?

      It only makes sense in some group of individuals trying to manipulate the stock price downward in order to make it look like a bad investment.


    • That is a very good question.

      I have been looking for examples of companies that have been publicly traded but haven't found any examples.

      Would the LDK Board settle with individual shareholders that refuse to sell?

      I really don't know.

      It just looks like a big mess right now. I have a feeling that there are some Hedge Funds out there that have been NSS and they will fail 100% if this company ever turns it around. Which I think is a liklihood.

      LDK has a lot of weapons available If the downtrend theme is towards bankruptcy...

      Which I don't think it is.

      I think there is a very real potential of consolidation and mergers in the Industry.

      I really do think LDK could merge with other Chinese solar companies. The one that makes the most sense to me is JA Solar as there is a business partnership already.

      There will be a Chinese solar recovery, but there will be winners and losers....

      LDK at one point had a market cap of 7 billion (Sept 2007)... I think it will one day return to that amount. Will it take 4 years? Maybe.