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  • project2069 project2069 Jul 30, 2012 12:47 PM Flag

    If solar dies


    Solar is crap, always has been, always will be.

    I live in rural Wisconsin, try to figure out the cost of the solar panels I will need to run my house, including well pump, clothes dryer, fridge & oven.

    I'll give you a hint: Over $180,000. Thank God for coal!

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    • You are SOOO FULL OF CHIT it isnt even funny... Either you are getting ROBBED by the salesman who tried to sell you a solar system for 180k or you are just a plain old fashion BS artist working for the scum of the earth... So Which one is it ?

      How about you spit some numbers like what your avg Kw hour is and whats the avg Electric bill per month and who the frock gave you that BS Quote ? How many panels ... What panels are they ? Ground mount system or roof top ? What type of roof ?


      You Frocking IDIOT....

      Now to address others... Playing in POND SCUM Only gets you smelling like SCUM...

      Just think about that and what this market has already shown you... With JPM and Scum leading the way... Along with our Bogus BS Gubment / SEC and Zero actions taken.

      Then you have the class act of Liar Two faced Whore Peng ... So take your pick ....

      I wish you all the best of luck but I dont believe it will help... Solar will survive and will continue to expand. Unfortunately Shareholders of a stock that is and has been sold NAKED since its beginning will only go DOWN DOWN DOWN . Until all of you get out ... If not they will continue to squeeze it lower and lower just like they have been doing...

      Try to remember it doesnt cost them anything to do this... Only our money is tide up in Scum broker accounts... When these Scum Brokers take positions its only digits on a computer... No real money in accounts.... Not until you /we sell does real money appear in their accounts.

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      • Biggy, what would happen if the next LDK Earnings Report shows a big profit, not a bunch of write downs and low sales? Where would that take the PPS? If Peng's stock holdings then get more valuable, isn't he in a position to
        re-fi at a much lower rate? It would look like a snowball rolling uphill, getting bigger as it goes. Then let the scum NSSs try to trash it. Come on PRC -- give us some juicy contracts to prime that pump. Win win.
        Good to hear from you again Biggy. Hope all is well in your business and family.