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  • twoheadedsnake1234 twoheadedsnake1234 Oct 24, 2012 11:33 AM Flag

    PhreeTrash speaketh again about things that never happen

    For 4 years Phree has spoken of things that never came. He drums up support for LDK and think of all the gloriousness that is around that people like us do not see. Yet not one of his prophecies has become reality. And yet, he still posts positives after ever rise. He is the atypical short like IBCNU.

    He fails to talk fundamentals anymore, not because he does not understand them but because they do not have not and will not support his straw man pump and dump schemes.

    Here is a simple fundamental. Latest spot prices allow for a 8 cent gross profit to be made. That is 12.3 % gross margins based on todays average spot prices. All companies for Q3 guided single digit margins or half of current spot gross.

    LDK interest payment alone wat $0.16/watt in Q2. At full utilization if they can ever get there LDK interest payment is $0.072.

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    • Much like bullenmark.

    • Pumping?

      Who is pumping?

      If I were pumping - you'd know it and you wouldn't have to preach it!

      All I am infering is that Company A buys 20% of the stock after analysis and LDK receives government support. My goodness your heckles are rising. Any price lower than that means shares come off the market float. If you don't like it - go complain to the people purchasing those shares like a bank knowing they can sell them for a profit to Company B, or stock holders knowing we have a backstop, or scream to Company B and tell them that it is in their interest to buy diluted shares....

      Frankly, I do not care about heckles, snakes, shares, LDK PPS, or anything of the sort near term. And the fact the above paragraph is true - how is that pumping if I discuss it openly and it is potentially - no strike that, IS FACT, that apparently sucks for you or you would not be attacking the messenger of these FACTS.

      What comes true, 4 years, blaa blaa blaa - distractions from the above facts and not part of the original dialog.

      Hey - How about the Tigers and the price of LDK. Irrelivent to the discussion!