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  • china_s2 china_s2 Nov 30, 2012 5:01 PM Flag


    Didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. I tried this morning to respond to your post, but it evidently got lost in Yahoo! purgatory. Now it looks like your original post suffered the same fate.

    The short answer for me is that I'm strictly on the sidelines right now with respect to all Chinese solar companies. They really do need to shed about 25% or more of their capacity, or this cut-throat pricing situation is going to go on indefinitely. Unfortunately, they're down now to where the only throats left to cut are one another's.

    The big hurdle for us, as I see it anyway, is that the "China solar 11" that are available to us as ADR's isn't the entire universe of Chinese PV producers by a long shot. That 25% or so could very easily come out of the U.S. traded group, though. So, I'm going to wait a bit.

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    • China, thanks for the weekend bum-out. I just bought 5K of LDK based on the heavy buy orders when they should have been dump orders. I'm betting that the PRC will do what it can to save a really valuable industry and in the process make some of their 1% even richer off WS. If they don't, it's plywood on windows and angry peasants with torches.
      Still, I think you may be absolutely right. As usual.

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      • There is a difference between saving a real valuable industry and saving real value for the investors.

        As far as the fiscal slope, it is about time to let the tax cuts be removed. Do you realize that as part of the stimulus they cut SS payments from 6 to 4 percent. My Republican Chair Bro claims it is the best way to get money into the hands of the less fortunate., however for the wealthy 100K and above that is a $2,000 tax break where as the nornal fold making 30-50,000 a year, that is 600-$1,000 break. And to those who could really use it, those makeing 15K that is only $300 bucks.

        That is why we have to get away from graduated taxation and go to a strict tiered taxation. I heard Warren Buffet stating what I have said for the last several years. Tax more on the higher earnings. He called for 30% base tax rate on capital gains of $1M in earnings and 35% tax rates on earnings over $10M.

      • RE: Plywood and torches - Subject being Fiscal Cliff.

        Bush Era Tax cuts and failure to change current epiracy without modification results in ~$200/family with dual income less per month. I suspect the market would capitulate significant as the engine (working class) living paycheck to paycheck pulls back on spending.

        On the other hand, the driver for resolution to Fiscal Cliff is to adopt Obama's agenda or reasonable compromise.

        This backdrop as we near Dec. 31 will overshadow and become an ever growing proximity to Representative Holiday

        If they are serious and I were in the House or Senate, I would move to vote of suspension of Holiday until resolved. Obviously, a vote of no is a negative for any not supporting in the public eye and a win for anyone proposing it. I wonder it there will be a Christmas for Republicans or Senate members.

        Of course, nixing solar tariffs would immediately boost solar industry here in the US such that the working class now working on Park construction could earn earnings to be taxed at 30% reducing the load on unemployment for a net increase of ~45% on the tax revenue and outgoing expense side of the equation. This barely touches the reduction of cost in terms of subsidies and the switchover to an Electric economy reduces demand and required subsidies to support a dying (literally (pollution, cancer) and figuratively (ARCH Coal mine SDs) industry.