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  • sawdust1958 sawdust1958 Jan 27, 2013 8:15 PM Flag

    LDK Chairmen Sell

    LDK chairmen sold over 1 millions shares while stock hanging in the $1.80

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    • What does that mean exactly? FSLR is down as well on bad news... ?

    • I am really surprised the banks that hold his shares would even allow it.

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      • This is a typical case of using western thinking/math to judge Chinese things. China has a total different system (state capitalism), so how things work is quite different from the US.

        LDK is a key company in a strategically important industry for China. Think about if China can use solar energy nationwide, how much less OIL China can avoid to import from other parts of the worlds (which is a highly vulnerable point in China's national security), and how much less pollution the big cities like Beijing will have...

        With CDB's loan on hand, LDK will soon re-start the polysilicon production line. And soon you will learn that the Xinyu city will sell (or equal to "give") the existing city power station to LDK, which will cut LDK's electric bills in half immediately, the cost of poli-si will soon get far below $20/kg. What kind of American Math can calculate out the production cost of poly-si for LDK with such kinds of government support?

        Shorts like twoheadedsnakes may have big power to press down LDK stock price in the short run (this is just because Chinese domestic funds are not allowed to invest in the US), but I have enough patience to hold my huge position on solar (fanny, larger than many institutions now) to a long long long period of time. Hahaha, see yea in 2015!

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      • He owns so much that this means nothing. Just a drop. Probably to pay personal debts.
        More noise then anything else. Stock should recover quickly.

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