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  • Mar 1, 2013 3:05 AM Flag

    Dawn of Jiangxi photovoltaic industry leading enterprises significant increase in orders

    A significant increase in orders, but constrained by the lack of work, unable to rapidly increase production capacity, and them to anxious - LDK LDK, JinkoSolar Rexchip solar Sornid ...... these PV industry leading enterprises in Jiangxi Province, which is now gradually wake up from the "winter", the arrival of the Imagination "spring".

    Orders increased emergency recruitment

    Of "Urgent employees, at any time to go to work." Hit job advertisements in Xinyu City, the industrial base in the village under Rexchip solar technology companies at the door. Lack of work, has become the biggest challenge facing PV companies: We are now production can not keep up sales, but also in urgent need of 500 employees.

    Ruijing Gong Division currently build 17 solar cell production line from the photovoltaic industry experienced "winter" in the second half of last year, the most difficult open only where two production lines, many workers were forced to transfer.

    However, when the end of last year, the solar cell production line has been restored to five, a significant increase in orders, production can not meet the demand for market supply. At present, the company is recruiting a large number.

    The same scene, staged in the Economic Development Zone is located in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Jinko energy company and is located in the Economic Development Zone, Jiujiang City, Jiujiang Chaori Solar Energy company.

    Contrarian expansion of the first to wake up

    "Timely adjust their development strategies and hard skills, products and competitive state photovoltaic applications support, the market has been the start when we are naturally able to move faster than others to get more orders. The Ruijing Gong Secretary Executive manager Zhang Zhongliang explained contrarian expansion, through technological innovation, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the solar cell to the leading domestic level.

    After the Spring Festival, the new energy industry in Xinyu City Industry and Inf