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  • bombloze bombloze Mar 11, 2013 6:02 AM Flag

    Top Energy CEO Eyes Rooftop Solar As Threat, Opportunity

    We've often said here at ReWire that rooftop solar is a technology that's inherently destabilizing to utility companies, in much the same way that MP3 encoding and similar technologies have destabilized the big corporations in the recording industry. And now the head of America's largest utility company is backing that up.

    Bloomberg reported February 28 that Jim Rogers, CEO of North Carolina-based Duke Energy, told a meeting of industry analysts that his firm is examining how best to handle the "threat" from increasingly accessible rooftop solar generation. After the meeting, Rogers told Bloomberg's Jim Polson that rooftop threatened to make companies like his the energy providers of last resort:

    "[Rooftop solar] is obviously a potential threat to us over the long term and an opportunity in the short term. If the cost of solar panels keeps coming down, installation costs come down and if they combine solar with battery technology and a power management system, then we have someone just using us for backup."

    How will Duke respond to this threat to its business model? According to the company's Chief Financial Officer Jan Good, they're not sure. "Our thinking hasn't matured to the point that we're actively pursuing anything," Good told Bloomberg.

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    • I am shocked that these Big businesses haven't either Higher a team of lobbyists to make solar roof panels illegal yet. LOL Become as Independent as possible .. Thats what is killing Corp America... Also Equally surprised that they haven't figured out how easy it would be to kill solar . Just buy up one key ingredient ...

      Anyways... How you doing Bomb... Nothing has changed I see. Solar is still the answer and it is Cheaper then ever. I see more and more systems on roof tops here in S.F. Ca. Also starting to see more and more Nissan leafs on the road.

      Whats it look like were you are ? Are you seeing more roof top solar systems ? Any EV Cars yet ?

      • 1 Reply to idealcarpentry
      • There has been a small upswing in PA, from what I see and hear in terms of rooftop solar. Residential customers and small businesses are looking for long-term price stability. Some of the bigger stores, like Kohl's, have put on roof top solar.

        Unless you are a school or tied to a utility company, the ground mount solar energy facilities do not seem to be catching on. My electricity rates have stayed the same or decreased in the past 3 years.

        So, until PV gets you lower than NG, it will be awhile before folks start investing money in ground mount solar. However, the low cost of NG and the fear of solar keep electricity prices low. After all, PA is the "Saudia Arabia" of natural gas. And, I feel like a Saudi citizen. The Royalty get all the royalties and we peasants make due with cheaper energy.

        In terms of cars, people seems to be eating up the Chevy Volts around here. Those that travel less than 20 miles to work seem to love them. PA still gives an additional tax break for EVs. Since I consult and am on the road for a portion of my day, the Volt is not an option for me.

        Hope all is well in SF. Thanks for asking.