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  • sensitive_hunk2000 sensitive_hunk2000 Oct 9, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

    will china allow STP and LDK to fail

    thats the 64 ooo question

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    • U shud visit the canton. So many suicides because all our monies we had in LDK stock cert. which are now useless. My wife leave me for Guandong where lots of good jobs & so me & fly manage during 6 mths lay off.. U have Yankee dream and Dreamliner. In China we have Made in China dream and Despair liner.

      I don't think we can get much worse now.!

    • no

    • There are people both inside the company, in the govt of china, as well as wall street finance experts that are working the problem. What will happen could come in a number of forms. BK or some kind of restructuring is one option but In the end it is my opinion that the govt will provide some kind of backstop, personally I believe they will basically cover the debt over a period of time for in exchange for a massive of solar equipment "purchase" to support their countries build out of solar infrastructure. (which is enormous) You have to realize the scale of the plant they have built at LDK, china is not going to let that just slip is probably the only plant that can supply a nation like china with that kind amount of solar equipment . Keep in mind, I have no idea of what kind of deal they will strike but In the end I imagine there will be some arrangement where China will want X amount of solar equipment over Y amount of years and basically absorb the debt LDK has. China does not want to look like a failure to the rest of the world and will try to make something happen to make this a win win situation IMO. The stock is a #$%$ shoot but at these levels the risk is worth some kind of investment. If it starts to move and you hear aa deal is in the works you better have a position because it would recover quick.

      As always..."your mileage may vary"

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    • China may not force them to file BK, but US bond holders is another story.