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  • petergordon998 petergordon998 Feb 2, 2013 8:46 AM Flag

    Dividend yield hunter

    g'day WTH
    Its a gr8 site and have used it for a long time. One thing though there are errors sometimes, and I have searched high and low to find a way to contact the author of the site with out any lluck. Do you happen to have an email address for him or a link to contact him/her?
    It would be even better if those tables were configurable, but what can you expect, after all its a freebie
    thnx m8

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    • what_the_hell_did_i_buy_now3 what_the_hell_did_i_buy_now3 Feb 2, 2013 12:23 PM Flag

      It looks like there is a link for reporting errors and suggestions on the left side of the page. Look for a green box. Also you can 'cut & paste' the tables into Excel to do further calculations, etc...

      And you certainly can't beat the price, because it's free.

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      • Dividend hunter is ok. One problem with that site for folks like me is that they screen out some of the more distressed issues that can be bargains such as trust preferred issues like FBS-PA that are deferring interest.

        Quamtumonline is very userful. Any of these sites can have errors. For example quantumonline has Current Panick Value 10 picks MILL-PC as a cumulative preferred issue. They left out the important fact that it's convertible. The Wall St. Journal has good lists of preferred stocks. Etrade has good bond screening tools. It's a mistake to look only at preferred stocks without checking the bond market for better values.

        Then of course there is the Panick Value Research Report (which I am somewhat biased towards). My Newsletter is unique in that I give you my picks for the best 10 distressed issues every 2 weeks including preferred stocks, bonds and issues deferring dividends. I model them in Excel so you can see the IRR under different scenarios. I send you email alerts on breaking news and trading opportunities in covered issues. I throw in some mirocap equity picks (many of which have been very good) and lots of other stuff.

      • thnx WTH