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  • valueguy66 valueguy66 Sep 27, 2012 4:01 PM Flag


    Say it ain't so slice ,you would sell at $18 ?It's bid there now.I am thinking that this stock should trade at book once a regular dividend is established. SAR has been holding up well and seems to want to go higher. Aren't we due for the yearly dividend announcement ?

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    • Yeah, I talk smack about selling but I am going to hold this one to the bitter end, which for me is when they prove that they either can or cannot scale this thing up. If that legislation passes that allows preferred stock to count as equity for regulatory purposes I could see them doing a private offering of a preferred tranche, which would help enormously. I guess they still have to prove whether they can or cannot make good loans . . . still assuming they can unless proven otherwise.

      As for a dividend, I see no reason to believe that it won't be mostly stock again this year. I would like to get enough cash to pay the income tax. Do you have any reason to believe otherwise on the potential for a cash dividend?

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      • My sharesc of SAR are held in my account at Fidelity. My account is set up so that it has standing instructions to receive all dividends in cash. Last year I fully expected to to receive cash and SAR stock from the 2011 dividend. However I received all cash for the dividend on about 9,000 shares . I assume that is because the majority of shareholder's made the election to receive 100% stock. I know management took all stock and zero cash leaving more cash in pot for guys like me. I subsequently bought more shares of SAR when the stock took a nose dive post the dividend and doubled my position.

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