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  • tees89 tees89 Sep 11, 2006 1:43 PM Flag

    Greedy bastards.


    GAS AND OIL make you greedy bastards cry blood. You have raped the poor for over two years now. Its payback time.

    You scumbaggs who have been pumping oil and gas will learn that the consumers runs the damand.

    Right now you scumbaggs cannot use any more excuses to prop up oil and gas.

    No hurricanes, almanac predicts a mild winter, and countries are broke.

    The poor have no more money to buy gas.

    I feel bad for the late comers who are so greedy in investing in gas going up.You late comers are royally screwed. No more excuse to prop up oil and gas prices.

    With new Oil finds in MEXICO, AFGHANISTAN, AND RUSSIA PUMPING MORE CRUDE. Oil will be below $55.00 before you know it.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • It seems odd that just before election time the price of oil is going down. Could there be manipulation as usual?
      After all we are very "good friends" of the Saudis and they might want to help the Bush administration and its mignons on November. It's just a thought.

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      • A better explanation is that we are entering the shoulder season with less driving, less air conditioning, and not yet much furnace use. That, combined with a lack of hurricanes that were predicted to disrupt production in the Gulf, has taken the steam out of the speculators. Granted, we are still playing it close to the edge between supply and demand, with very little excess production capacity and growing demand in China, India, and Brazil. It would not take much to send the price of oil through the roof, but if there are no events from nature or from various groups or countries around the world the price could easily sink below $60/bbl.

      • Saudi did it once in 1986. Helped Reagan to crash SU

    • New oil strikes in Mexico, Afghanistan, and Russia, huh? Any source for that information?

      Russia is already the world's top producer. They may have made a big discovery - who knows - but they can't keep increasing production forever.

      Afghanistan? There's more camel dung there than oil.

      Mexico? They would need a huge find just to offset production decline in their huge Cantarell field.

      Prices will go down a little more in the short run. But they'll be back up with a vengeance.

      Not long ago the prospect of $55 oil would have meant a huge runup in price. My, how the world has changed.

    • Most of the latecomers are retail investors. I think it's ironic. I get to charge my taxi driver $3/gallon for gas. Then, I get to sell him my stock a month before it tanks. Finally, I get to use the proceeds to pay him the greater of $2.00/mile or $0.40 every two minutes for a cab right. Somehow, we both break even on the deal.

    • You wrote: "No hurricanes, almanac predicts a mild winter, and countries are broke."

      Doesn't square with this:

      Farmer's Almanac gives this winter the shivers
      Associated Press
      LEWISTON, Maine - Americans shouldn't expect Mother Nature to help with their heating bills this winter because it's going to be nippy, according to the venerable Farmers' Almanac.

      After one of the warmest winters on record, this coming winter will be much colder than normal from coast to coast, the almanac predicts.

      ''Shivery is not dead!'' declared editor Peter Geiger as the latest edition of the 190-year-old publication hits the newsstands.

      The almanac, which claims its forecasts are accurate 80 percent to 85 percent of the time, correctly predicted a ''polar coaster'' of dramatic swings for last winter, Geiger said. For example, New York City collected 40 inches of snow even though it was one of the warmest winters in the city's history.

      This year, predicts the almanac's reclusive forecaster, Caleb Weatherbee, it will be frigid from the Gulf Coast all the way up the East Coast.

      But it'll be especially nippy on the northern Plains -- up to 20 degrees below seasonal norms in much of Montana, the Dakotas and part of Wyoming, he writes.

      And, he says, it'll be especially snowy across the nation's midsection, much of the Pacific Northwest, the mountains of the Southwest and parts of eastern New England.

      The chilling forecast comes at a time of near-record fuel prices.

      ''Because of energy costs, nobody wants to hear that it's going to be cold,'' Geiger said.

      On the other hand, ''for those who enjoy the outdoors, it's going to be good news,'' he said.

      -the clam

    • Doesn't that mean that with cheaper gas sales go up??? And if sales go up, doesn't the stock follow??? IMHO I would say, "buy on the dip" it will only go up with additional use.

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