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  • pmfunk pmfunk Jul 3, 2008 1:44 AM Flag

    Time to Get out of all Oil Stocks

    We believe that a crude Oil crash is soon on its way. It will make the sub-prime mess, look like a Sunday school picnic. Speculators, Hedge Fund Managers, Texas and OPEC Oil men, will attempt to jump from their marble and fancy tall buildings, if they can only get the windows open. Oil will be down to the $50-$70/barrel level, and gasoline will be down to $1.50/gallon. Prepare now and try to survive the mess that is coming round the bend.

    What is safe is soon unsafe; and what is unsafe will be safe. This madness of crowds is almost over. It is time to buy an acre of brand new SUV's as they are almost free for the asking. In 1974, during the "late great Arab Oil Embargo", I bought a 1973 Jaguar XK-E with a V-12 engine Convertible (Greensand Color). Everybody, thought I was real dumb. Now it is sitting, just 25 feet from my desk, and is worth between (10x-20x) times my buy price, per recent Ebay auctions. I am stupid, but I know a mania and the madness of crowds.

    Write your CONgress person today, and let's NATIONLIZE anything, connected to the oil industry if that what it takes to get oil at a sensible price again. Let's investigate the speculators, forever, before CONgress. Then let's raise the price of everything, sold to any Oil Exporting Country, to equal exactly the price of oil. Oil at $144/barrel, then corn should be $144/bushel too. We must have a level playing field, once and for all, for us poor AMERICANS!! Believe, what Goldman Sacks? says ($200 oil)if and when they publish their past performance record, for the last three years, at the top of each analyst's article. Otherwise, trash can, what they say. Is Wall Steet corrupt?? You answer that question.

    Good luck!! You must survive, and be rewarded for your hard work!! Don't let the crooks take all your money, at the corner of Wall and Broad. Recently they have been proven to be less than honest. What was it for that(400) were carted off to jail for what? Guess why??

    Take America back now, unless you want to be a slave, to the super rich and super rich corporations. When is enough-enough for these billionaire jerks.
    They never, ever, have enough!!

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    • You're a f'ing whack job.

    • "Take America back now, unless you want to be a slave, to the super rich and super rich corporations."

      The super rich have done much more for America than Congress. You want to turn the oil industry over to those who have destroyed the medical profession? If you are that anxious to be a slave I recommend a move to North Korea.

    • Who is this "We" you start your comment out with?

      Also, I find it odd that you have so much faith in the government, this "CONgress" you mention, to trust them with prospecting, exploring, producing, transferring, refining and marketing oil & gas. They couldn't even handle the postal service.

      Your "poor AMERICANS" comment is quite a laughable comment. I can't see how anyone in the world would/could pity the US.

    • I cant agree with nationalizing the oil. The prices we pay are relative to the taxes and crap these oil companies are relaying down to us, by the very same government that will handle the nationalization of oil just as well as social security and spending. The Govt. still gets how much per gallon of gas in taxes? We KEEP Saudi govt in power by keeping them in money, we put them there, and now we are their slaves. And we as taxpayers pay for the ride!! Not by use of gas or oil, but by allowing our elected officials to throw money down the freaking garbage chute at every whim. Corn shouldnt be this high, but thank you for the liberal left green terrorists who expect to perform miracles without the technology, but go ahead and pass the bills anyways... The answers are so easy, just our elected officials have other things in mind. I say Good Business and well done to the oil companies for putting up with the govt crap and STILL staying in business around here barely. Jobs, etc. that drive our economy. This Ethanol fiasco is another govt mandated b.s. attempt at intervening, when really its someone making a lot of cash off corn commodities. But when youre a communist loan sharking mom-pawning company like GS or MStan, the govt. gladly steps in and bails their crooked assez out. To continue their predatory lending. Cant get them to take a single logical step towards this can we? ...Strip the fat cats away from public office who are using their position and authority to pass laws and mandate laws that are for their own financial best interest, regardless of you, and we will begin to see something happen towards this.

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