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  • rdietsche34 rdietsche34 Sep 4, 2008 1:58 PM Flag

    Back to Reality - USA Won't Elect a Black Prez

    Face facts; Obama knows more about the workings of Washington than George W. did when he came to office. Why do you think his daddy recommended Dick Cheney for V.P. It is a foregone conclusion that he did this to have someone with experience guiding his son. Joe Biden has a great background in foreign policy, the judicial system, and the workings of Washington, D.C. Whatever Obama lacks in experience, Joe Biden would be someone that could easily be a great one to ask for an opinion. I used to be a huge McCain backer. He no longer has my vote because he has decided to cozy up to the neo conservatives and the failed Bush policies.
    One other thought. No one seems to remember that many Generals told Bush and Rumsfeld that more troops were needed in Iraq. They were all fired; oops retired. The additional 30,000 troops did make a difference. I rest my case.

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    • In 2000, I would have voted for McCain. However, he has changed his stripes over the last 8 years and in my opinion follows in W's foot steps. He is 72 years old and is in pretty good shape for a guy that was tortured for 5 years but he is 72 showing his age. His VP is very important in this case. Palin sounds good in sound bites and speeches but she is already being caught stretching the truth. Obama and Biden together are a safer choice. Yes Obama is not experienced but he does have a vision and clarity of thought. The pendulum has swung way to the right for 8 years of doing nothing and it is time it came back towards the center. I am middle class under $200K and believe the Democrats will finally help us out.

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      • You are kidding, right? Obama a safer choice? We know what McCain is all about, but we know very little about Obama other than he can deliver a great speech.

        The bottom line when it comes to politics for me, am I safe from an international threat and how much will the government take out of my wallet.

        With Obama all I hear is tax this and tax that and not just on those over 250K. He has mentioned removing the cap on Social Security, Capital Gains increase, higher payroll taxes to business, Windfall Profits Tax and more.

        What I hear on his foreign policy is that he is willing to sit down with leaders who threaten to kill us with no preconditions.

        This election is not about President Bush. It is about Obama and McCain.

        I will take the safer choice in McCain and now that Palin is on the ticket, my independent wife is leaning to McCain.

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