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  • rdietsche34 rdietsche34 Aug 6, 2009 5:22 PM Flag

    Professor is a Genius

    In your mind, apparently only those with means deserve Health Care. Is that correct?

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    • In my mind I don't believe it is a constitutional right.

      The constitution provides the rights of freedom and the ability to keep the fruits of your labors. What you do with those fruits are your choice - automobiles, food, shelter, cell phones, lottery tickets, health insurance, Air Jordans, cigarettes - your choice.

      Having said that, I believe if you are an American citizen and make the above choices wisely and still can't provide health care for yourself and your familily, that there should be a program of scaled down health coverage for those in need subsidized solely based on need by a combination of tax payer dollars and charities.

      There must always be an incentive in this country for hard work to earn success. Entitlements are disincentives toward work and success - that is irrefutable. We must do everything we can to avoid another entitlement program.

      Obama's desire for giveaways to buy votes is no different than Hugo Chavez socialist policies in Venezuela.

      Do you disagree?

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