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  • golfintheheat golfintheheat Sep 2, 2009 5:56 PM Flag

    Here we go again....

    Jesus...ANOTHER PRIME TIME SPEECH/CONFERENCE. This guy seriously can't get enough of himself. Over half the public hates the job he is doing in office, and yet he is going to stand up on that stage and preach his gospel to a disbelieving choir. His approval has gone down after every one of these farcical prime time events....this won't be any different. The campaign never ends for the radicals.

    Is this where he tries to put Lipstick on the pig? Forget it! It will only make the pig more hostile and you know how Nancy can be when she's upset!

    I guess Chris Matthews's wife will be sleeping alone that night.

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    • house_at_pooneil_corners house_at_pooneil_corners Sep 10, 2009 2:09 PM Flag

      So for the BCBS that are not licensed by Wellpoint, who owns the non-profit ones? Thanks for the info.

      Can you belive it.. AGAIN this morning. No new ideas....SOS! Wonder how many tax dollars all this $$%%^^& is costing us? The bills, the TV, etc? Someone needs to figure it out....on a BILL WE DON:T WANT

    • I can't believe you would post the same dumb message. By the way Gold. did you ever serve in the Military?

    • Children need to hear encouragement from someone. Obviously, too many are not getting the needed nurturing and guidance at home. Upon arrival, too many of our schools have to scan students for guns, dope; have to have police monitors in hallways to protect children from fights and rape. Children in some countries, walk miles, many barefoot, through bush endangered with wild animals to go to a school, which is many times is a small building without any amenities, or it could be under the shade of a tree. Plus, they have to pay tuition and for books if there are any. All you complainers about the president need to volunteer about 6- months-1-year of your time in a 3rd world country; it might be good training for you in coping with the world you are creating in your own country. I might add: Bush and Ragan also gave speeches to school children; not one word of negativity was said. Also, I would not be afraid to bet, if the president were a white Republican male; there would be no controversy with this speech.

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      • sure- and that white guy hitler spoke to kids too - and well, the list is long... h1n1, vaccinate,health care - soon forced vaccinations, trust me trust me - puleezz... black or white - keep your nose out of schools... promote health care ? test drugs on children in africa - yes, go obama - down with oil profits and up with drug money and trial

    • Thank you.

    • Wow, have you insurance industry shills and patsies no shame? What a bunch of ill-informed, America-hating garbage. You have the nerve to claim government can do no right as you drive on government provided roads, type on a computer based on electronic devices that were funded and conceived by the government, connect to an Internet that was funded and conceived by the government, have your property protected by government-provided fire and police departments, have your life and liberty protected by a government provided military, and so on and so on.

      First, social security is still showing a healthy surplus. That's right, a surplus.

      True, social security may start paying out more in benefits than it takes in about 8 to 10 years from now.

      But that's only if we do nothing.

      It's more likely that we can keep it in balance with premium increases, by increasing the retirement age, by encouraging millions of young, skilled immigrants to move to America and stay here, or through some combination of the three.

      Medicare's troubles stem in part from the $1.2 trillion medicare prescription drug boondoggle pushed on us by a Republican White House, Senate, and Congress in 2003...without paying for it. Absolutely disgraceful behavior. We need to raise medicare premiums now to reflect the real cost of insuring and providing prescription drugs to our nation's seniors.

      Medicare will also run into trouble if we do nothing about the health insurance crisis and the exploding cost of health care in America. Fortunately, the two issues are related. That means if you fix one problem, you'll go a long way toward solving the other.

      The first step we need to take: make sure everybody in America can buy health insurance that CANNOT be cancelled under any circumstances...even if the insured person gets sick, changes employers, decides to start a small business, becomes self-employed, has a family history of disease, or has a pre-existing condition of their own.

      We can't afford to keep paying for the fast-growing number of uninsured Americans who show up at hospital emergency rooms with late-stage illnesses or catastrophic injuries and no ability to pay the skyrocketing costs of treatment.

      The cost burden on American businesses (not to mention hospitals, health care professionals, and taxpayers) is staggering. American businesses might have been able to bear that cost burden long ago, before large businesses in Japan, Europe, China, Brazil, India and elsewhere rose to challenge us.

      But the world has changed. American businesses are now being forced to compete with foreign businesses that don't need to worry about their employees' health care costs.

      In order for American businesses to remain competitive, our antiquated employer-based health insurance system needs to move into the 21st century.

      An employer-based system makes absolutely no sense for employees in today's mobile workforce, or for employees struggling to compete in today's global economy.

      Americans need a truly competitive health insurance marketplace...just like we have with life, auto, and homeowner's insurance.

      I don't have to ask my employer to buy me a decent auto policy...why should I be forced to go to my employer for the best deal on health insurance?

      But you can't just sit back and expect something of that magnitude to magically happen on its own. That would be foolish.

      If we sit on our hands and blow this once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a solvent and sane system before the boomers retire, you're right...medicare will go bust.

      And so will the rest of us.

    • This is one of the lucid, comprehensive postings on this board.

    • From the Wellpoint website:

      WellPoint is a Blue Cross or Blue Cross Blue Shield licensee in 14 states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

    • You are mistaken. BCBS Assiation is a non-profit, covering 39 states. Some of it's members, including Wellpoint, are for profit entities. Wellpoint does not own BCBS.

    • I've had Blue Cross/Blue Shield (a non-profit by the way) and have never had a problem with them, including major medical surgery and hospitalization.


      Blue Cross Blue Shield is owned by Wellpoint Corp., a for profit corporation. BCBS in not a non-profit outfit.

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