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  • dowjones1234 dowjones1234 Jan 23, 2010 5:41 PM Flag

    Federal Employee Back Taxes!

    Did you know:

    3% of Federal Employees (276,300 current and retired Government employees), including the Presidents staff, owe the IRS $3,042,200,000.00?

    Said another way, 276,300 US current and retired Government employees including 71 employees in the Executive Office to the President owe the IRS on average, $11,010.00 each.

    Obama and the Pelosi/Reid Congress can't even collect the back taxes owed from thier own Congressional and Federal employees.

    Let's start talking about cleaning up the US Congress.... Let's start talking about cleaning up all the US Government waste that the US Congress is responsible for and the back taxes that are owed.

    Let's start naming names, garnishing wages, salaries, pensions, health care and rich retirement plans until the guilty parties have paid in full..

    That must be a party plank for any politician that wants to be elected in the "next go around".....

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    • Now I am curious where you got your information from. It looks to me like it was somewhat massaged to fit your bias.

    • Did you miss it? The Federal Employees owing taxes was posted by the IRS for Sept. 2008 when GWB was in office or did you artfully neglect to state this? The IRS only had 1% of their employees that had back taxes. Those with back taxes owed were requested to set up a payment plan or additional penalties would accrue. Good thing we had a change in administration so the deadbeats would have to pay up. I also am sure there are some in the Obama Adminstration that owe back taxes and will have to pay. Incidently, there is a list of those owing that is available.

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