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  • uglydawgg uglydawgg Feb 26, 2010 1:08 PM Flag

    Global Warming - Go Al Gore

    Maybe Al Gore will lend some money he made on his propoganda campaign about global warming to some of the hard hit municipalities for snow removal. He is pathetic...

    Next it will be a global cooling campaign!! the next "ICE AGE"

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    • An iceberg the size of Luxemburg broke off from the Antartica and is now adding fresh water to the ocean. Sign of global warming?

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      • No it occures every 100 to 150 years no matter what.Al and sean Penn will smoke some Weed and give us the answer,Maybe a Tax on Glaciers

      • icebergs break off into the ocean because the ice accumulates on the glacier making it's mass increase and pushing out the fringes into the ocean. Those break off, drift out and melt. It is too cold down there for any of the ice to actually melt, it just piles up until it breaks off and drifts away...

        The latest satelite measures indicate increasing ice packs in Antarctica. Exactly what you would expect from that is icebergs breaking off as the mass expands outwards.

        During the ice ages the ice expanding outward from glaciers would not melt and just keep heading south. You had better hope we are not headed for an iceage, because that ice will flatten everything before it, including Gore's half mansions.

    • Kindof off topic but I was watching Strousel one nite and T. Boone Pickens was on. He mentioned having dinner somewhere with Al Gore. T Boone said Al was eating a cheeseburger. Doesn't he know the truth about global warming and the production of beef? Kindof like Obama preaching about global warming and then flying a personal 747 to Hawaii.

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