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  • bushwasstupid bushwasstupid Aug 27, 2010 5:19 PM Flag


    Costs america 830 billion (nearly a trillion) buks a year...

    time to end them!

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    • Federal revenue for Bush's first year in office was $1.99 trillion. Federal revenue for his last year in office was $2.52 trillion. Revenue increased about 3.3% per year. The problem is the growth in government spending which increased under Bush but that has exploded since the Dem's took control of congress in 2007. Federal spending in 2001 was $1.86 trillion and is estimated to be $3.72 trillion this year.

    • and how much do ILLEGAL aliens cost the U.S. ?

      is it time to end them?

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      • Not as much as the boneheaded meatsacks in the republican party. Those greedy selfish t%rds keep saying "government is not the answer". It sure as H is the answer for THEM! Great pay, retirement benfits and healthcare. ALL of it on the government dole. If government is not the answer then give ME some of it!

      • No one knows how much illegals cost the taxpayers. Do you? I do know the biggest tax rate cut for the top 2% helped triple the National debt during the Bush years. By the way, the top tax rate dropped from 39.6% to 35% As a comparison, the 28% bracket dropped to 25%. Keep in mind, when all the lower bracket rates drop, the top 2% also benefit because they enjoy the drop in those brackets also. It must also be pointed out that the personal exemption also has gone up during this period for all taxpayers which serves to lower the effective tax rate for all including the top 2%.

    • According to the present administration, 600 billion dollars of stimulus money (tax payer dollars; not government dollars) created and or saved 3 million jobs and they called that a success.....

      600 billion dollars / 3 million jobs = $200,000.00 per job or said another way, November 2010 = The Democrats lose

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