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  • hyrule222000 hyrule222000 Apr 14, 2011 8:43 AM Flag

    Welfare, War, and Redistribution: The Democratic Way.

    In listening to the current dialogue, I am persuaded that Tea Baggers must teach these scum a hard lesson about debt cealings, and what we must do, and what we must not do. I would not raise it,
    and I would start planning now to service the debt and to cut a lot of other activities. Soon.

    Our Boy King, he gives us War and Welfare. I thought welfare as we knew it was long gone, but the redistribution spirit behind the Great Society Suburb RipOff is still alive and well.

    I cannot believe Sen. Levin is making this rebutted b.s./GS charge again. We have been through this point repeatedly, that GS ia a market maker, plays both sides, and is forbidden by law of revealing it's other clients, or it's own positions, publically. But, I know why Levin is here... that is where the money is.

    Any place there is wealth, a libbie will show up to accuse you of some evil, so they can tax and milk you dry.

    The Boy King will run up the debt over $9 Trillion, if he gets his way. We are stagflated,
    pump priming with money printing just to keep the country spinning. He ran up the debt $5 Trillion in 2 years, I am aghast!

    Welfare, War, and Redistribution: The New Libbie Way

    Don't worry, as a Tea Bagger, I know there are Old Guard Repubs who need to be thrown out too.
    Look at that $40 B. deal... CBO scored it.
    It will save less than $400 Million dollars.
    It is a joke, Boehner is a stooge.

    I promise you one thing... we will do what we can, for social issues, within responsible bounds. We will not BK our Kountry, for our dreams. As the Dems. said last year, we have to pass ObamaCare now, and we'll figure out how to pay for it later...

    We can do far better for leadership. The Prez. only cares about getting reelected, and once he does, then comes the bad news for the middle class: pony up more cash sweeties. They talk about hitting Fat Cats, but the real deal behind the Great Society Redistribution Program is to milk the suburbs to redistribute our wealth to the inner cities.

    The Dem. does not even consider it 'our' wealth.
    They do not respect property rights, which are what keep you free and *not* enslaved...


    "I have no fear that the result of our experiment will be that men may be trusted to govern themselves without a master."
    - Thomas Jefferson

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