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  • rank9pokerplaya rank9pokerplaya Apr 28, 2011 2:28 PM Flag

    When will it SPLIT

    Will it split or new trend of let it run i e goog,apple netflix etc

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    • 1. Just sayin' - pps around $50 might attract buyers that (psychhologically, I know,) are not comfortable buying at $100 - I know, I'm one[wacky maybe - I know that too, but still true](true, 50x$100 = 100x$50, but......)
      2. So,. sell my big run-up, give part (about $8500) to fed & state, and then invest in what? Can I borrow your crystal ball? Couple years ago I thought the big banks looked good at $54, w/div 4.5% - we've seen how that turned out after gov't started telling 'em who to loan to (and $145k in the hole).
      3. "Too logical" - been accused of that too - learned to live with it (age 73/"I'm right they're all out of step" - don't like it? change the channel...)
      4. Bottled water? Looks like we're close to same page - have never bought one (nor lottery ticket.) Mere existence of bottled water industry brings question in my mind: Where's the recession we keep hearing about?/Who are these people who can't afford the payments on the house they bought? could prob'ly think of a few more...
      5. Stupid comsumers? At Safeway just yestdy, ice cream: name brand $4/q vs store brand $2/ -good 'nuff for me...
      6. Rational discussion? Politically I've found (the other side) not only can't be reasoned with, they want your commentary banned! (talk radio, newspaper columnists, etc.)
      6. Buy signal? yes, for some. I'm buy 'n hold - the current div equates to 12.5%yld on original invstmt - on top of the 25% C.G. tax I'm not paying - also "qualified" div vs "reg" div tax.
      Main thing - just not a gambler/speculator - some other stocks, yes, but not this one.
      So there you have it - the original tightwad...
      Initial topic was stock split - I can live with it either way..........

    • By the way, here is what I mean, graphically. Also not that splits happen every 10 years with Chevron stock, so 2014 would be the next one.

    • It will not split - while the world is in the crapper, the market could drop 50-70% anytime something unusual happens in the world - I do not believe that with this high risk - they will not chance it till all is ok (3-5 years from now)

    • It will only split after the company makes an announcement, which they have not done. With the recently announced increase in the dividend, you can rest assured that absolutely no split will happen anytime soon. If a split were to be announced, then the dividend would be reduced inversely, i.e. 2-for-1 split, dividend halved. Maintains the yield. Stop speculating and enjoy the ride.

    • Huge earnings/prospects...lets do it to provide more appealing entry point to newbies even if its just works....lotta money on sideline...lotta oil hype...timing couldnt be better gentlemen glta

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