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  • metalmeister79 metalmeister79 Apr 28, 2011 8:30 PM Flag

    CA Taxpayers leaving California

    CVX should do the same

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    • Yeah, well I wish they would fire the State Rangers at San Onofre State Park, so we can have our clothing optional beach back again.

    • 250K/yr will hardly keep you alive in LA. Unless you can live on beenie weenie and tax receipts.

    • Sure rather be part of U.S. than Mexico...(all kinds of reasons)
      BTW, no such thing as "wetbacks" in CA......

    • property values will continue to decline then.

    • Once upon a time the Mexicans owned California. We took it away from them at gunpoint. Now some of them want California back. Of course, the Mexicans automatically gained control of California when they revolted against Spain, which had originally taken control of the area by suppressing and enslaving the indians.

      It's an interesting historical fact that the Russians also attempted to settle in Californai during the early 1800's, and built a fort here that has been historically preserved. The fort is now a state park that has recently closed down, along with 69 other state parks, due to Jerry Brown's budget cuts. (If not for the Great Recession, engineered by Wall Street and its congressional enablers, these drastic cuts wouldn't have been necessary.)

      Everybody remembers that California was briefly a republic, just before the Mexican American War. It could happen again -this time for keeps -if Californians realize that being part of the US is now an economic and political disadvantage.

      California has gone through lots of dramatic changes, and there may be more to come.

    • There is just to many wetbacks in the golden state now. Mexicians everywhere.

    • I don't dispute standard of living goes up in Texas IF you're making the same salary. Except salaries are typically the same. My case, I make 100k+ in CA. I had an offer to transfer to Austin, but salary reduced to 75k. I don't hate on Austin, because its the most CA-like city, but with friends, family, far fewer rednecks, and salary, It really was a no-brainer for me.

    • Thanks jimby9...thought I was the only one who knew this...and horizontal drilling and other techniques at these prices will only increase what is going on. In the 80's we used to do fire flooding...if you can imagine that. I am now getting in on the back end with the wastewater...trying anyway...for reuse. Fairly easy to treat...kind of like the water coming back from the Marcellus shale fracing on the east coast. Salts and trace metals.

      Yep, CA is the place to be right now. Amgen also doing very nicely out there in Thousand Oaks...oh, did I mention the perfect weather and beautiful women???

    • Costs will just be passed on to the consumers. The gov't can jump up and down but they need the oil companies to produce the gas, period.

    • congress wants to tax oil companies at a higher rate. Question is, Will this dampen the oil stocks?

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