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  • nohype88 nohype88 Aug 22, 2011 10:00 AM Flag


    Redistribution of wealth has worked so well after all - just look at our unemployment rate! You're nuts.

    You must work in the Agriculture Department since its director actually believes that they get a return of $1.84 on every dollar of food stamps issued (forget that they first must steal each dollar they convert to food stamps from somebody else who actually works). Maybe we should all go on food stamps to really boost the economy. Only liberals and government employees think like that.

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    • so grade school kids know about the "Keynesian Multiplier" - why don't you ? 2012 ? CAN'T WAIT - Go Barack. Oh wait, Romney's going to beat him - hahahahaha.

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      • Most fiscal stimulus arguments are based on fallacies, because they ignore three basic facts. First, if money is not going to be printed, it has to come from somewhere. Second, investment is “spending” every bit as much as is consumption. Third, people must ignore the fact that the government will raise future taxes to pay back the debt.

        The classic argument for fiscal stimulus presumes that the central cause of our current economic problems is this: We, the people and our government, are not doing nearly enough borrowing and spending on consumer goods. The government must step in force us all to borrow and spend more. This diagnosis is tragically comic once said aloud.

        John H. Cochrane, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

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