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  • greedyoilbastards greedyoilbastards Nov 27, 2011 5:36 PM Flag

    Oil sector crashes Monday!


    Bailout of Italy debt weakens Euro against dollar, boosting dollar, beating down oil!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • There are 52 Mondays. This genious didn't specify which Monday the world would come tumbling down. The last several have been very good, as you alluded to. You are spot on with your other comment.

    • ontogeny,

      Speaking of Indian_Refining_1933 (was it 1933?), here is a web site I'm sure he would like if he hasn't already looked at.

      Check it out:

      He would appreciate the old Havemeyer Oil Company and Indian Refining Company logo's.

      Pretty cool stuff.

    • I was speaking to Tramp City - not Greedy.

    • OK Fred (or is it Ethyl). In my previous posts I've noted that Europe was at a structural disadvantage to the U.S. The structure is both pricing and manufacturing (refining) capacity and efficiency. I also noted that Europe's energy taxes were very high. Now, if you will refer to your own link to the EIA, you can see that a barrel of WTI-Cushing, OK, traded for $97.67, the very same day that a Barrel of Brent traded for $107.82. Brent pricing is used primarily for crude sourced into Europe's markets. That means that the Europeans start with a structural (in this case pricing ) disadvantage of about $10 versus a barrel of WTI in the U.S. Now a barrel of crude is not converted directly into Gasoline or diesel. You can usually extract about 15-25% diesel from a barrel of crude oil. The rest goes to make other products. So, if you assume 25% diesel refined times the $10 difference, you have an additional $2.50 cost due to the Brent vs WTI spread. Now, Europe does not refine enough ULSD for their own markets, so they have to import about 15% or so from other countries. Compared to prices in the U.S. the exported price can be $3-$5/gal higher. So $5 times 15% is about $0.75 premium added to the total ULSD European market. So that's at total of about $3.25/gal structural disadvantage. Now let's get into topping refineries. These are the least sophisticated refineries and like I said, they represent a large total of Europe's refining capacity. Topping Refineries need to run very light and sweet crude. This crude can cost $5+ over Brent. I don't know how to convert that refining restriction to a cost per gallon - at least not easily without more data, but the point is - it's another cost.

      BTW, I never said that Europe's fuel taxes were insignificant - they are not. My point was this: Europe starts with several structural (price and refining) disadvantages, to the U.S. that pushes their manufactered cost per gallon, liter, whatever, higher than the U.S. My response was to an earlier assertation that gas and diesel, before taxes, cost the same in Europe and the U.S. They do not.

    • We'll mark this up as another one of your stupid mistakes. Being a cyber-bully is unbecoming. Sadly the Yahoo message boards are filled with them. The truth will out.

    • No, you're smarter than I am. You show me. You are a repeat offender at cyber-bullying.

    • You are a total freaking idiot. You think you're so smart figure it out. It's staring you right in the face.

      Now back to the used tent store for you and your ilk. Going to be cold tonight for you.

    • Then show us how tramp. Seems nobody else knows where or when to search, for that matter cares other than you and ontogeny2phylogoney. Show us how you found the information. I'm curious how you found it, because I couldn't.

    • Tramp is a repeat offender. Cyber-bullying is what he does best.

    • Where do you freaks come from? Its not hard for you to search and see old conversations. United states of Tara for sure.

      How many tents have you gone through?

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