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  • laura.davis1972 laura.davis1972 Feb 21, 2013 3:10 PM Flag

    Chevron should

    Do a 3 for 1 split. We have a low PE, a bunch of cash, low debt, a good divi. This stock has it all. I think the PPS is too high for the small investors who would buy 50 or 100 shs. if it was $30-$40/sh. I really believe a 3 for 1 split would help a lot. Heck, I would even consider a 4 for 1 if I were the BOD.

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    • Please don't promote 3:1 split - 2;1 or 4:1, ok, but NOT ODD number - I hate ending up with oddball holding, such as 32.5 shares, and receiving "cash in lieu" for the fractionsl shares, then having to re-calculate cost basis, (all of which I experienced with DUK last year). I like buying and holding in even 100-share lots, so if they split, 50 or 25 would be less probflem.
      Minor point: equating cents to dollars (on dividends) when you have a block of 100 shares is convenient. Plus, having 400 shares makes the quarterly div payment mathematically convenient (expressing quarterly amounts equal to annual amount). Or having 500 or 1000 shares is also convenient (just dividing by half, or moving decimal point)
      Just my 2 cents, but If anyone is going to push for stock split, I wish they would consider only EVEN numbers: 2- 0r 4- for one....
      BTW, I agree that $118 is too much for me, and I would like to add to my small position, but not at this price.....

    • OK Laura, and a stodgy old dividend major wants to entice retail investors why? Chevron does not suffer and liquidity issues and the demand for the stock is strong. Other than making NYSE floor traders rich - 50 shares at a time, I don't see the real incentive for a split. On an inflation adjusted basis CVX is not up all that much. BTW, you kinda sound like a pumper.

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