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  • haveanidea haveanidea Oct 15, 2003 11:32 AM Flag

    Morgan Keegan

    July 13, 2003 Morgan Keegan Downgraded OZRK from outperform to market perform.

    July 13 S&P500 = 1003.86
    July 13 OZRK = 39.84

    Oct. 13 S&P500 = 1045.35
    Oct. 13 OZRK = 48.05

    % Change S&P500 = 4.1%
    % Change OZRK = 20.6%

    Wonder what the next three months will look like for Morgan Keegan since they downgrade OZRK further.... Sounds like they are short, and need to unwind.

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    • Don't know if you remember this post or not, but Morgan Keegan downgraded OZRK on 10.15.03.

      Oct. 15 S&P500 = 1043.10
      Oct. 15 OZRK = 23.38 (split adj.)

      April 1 S&P500 = 1132.17
      Arpil 1 OZRK = 27.14

      % Change S&P500 = 8.5%
      % Change OZRK = 16.1%

      Guess they missed it again... Glad I'm not paying there fees....

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      • OZRK is a strong bank as is clearly illustrated by their financials.

        I'm a bit biased b/c George Gleason, CEO, and I are from the same town, Dardanelle, AR.

        Also, Morgan Keegan is owned by Regions Bank, which just happens to be a major competitor of OZRK in the Arkansas market. Wonder if Morgan Keegan is being objective?

        Anyway, OZRK is a good long-term investment and I'm very, very pleased with my ROI.

    • Insider selling may be having its effect.

    • I would appreciate hearing your two cents, too, on the reasons why OZRK has performed so poorly lately:

      "Anyway, there's been a lot of activity on the market for OZRK. Wonder why... I have my own opinions, but I'll keep them to myself."

      Seconding Huskies, there seems to be a decent sort of people here. Whatever you have to say, I (and, I assume, the others) would recognize that you are merely giving your opinion rather than some 'inside tip' as to what's going on.

      I've take a few minutes to read the news and all I see is a dividend increase announcement. This hardly accounts for over a 20% price decline over a very short period.

      When I get home around this time tomorrow afternoon I hope you and possibly some others will share their reflections.

      Huskies: No, I haven't forgotten about the recipes. My dear little pet got ill right after my last posting. I was driving him from one hospital to another, finally ending up at the U. of PA.


    • Thanks for your assesment of FFBH.

      If you care to reconsider, I'd be interested in your thoughts on OZRK at the present time. I can understand reluctance to post such an item on a message board. However, I find the OZRK board to be friendly and the posters are considerate.

      Some of the posters on other boards are absolutely vicious. If I was a psychologist, I could do a field study one some individual message boards!

    • Huskies...

      You asked if I knew anything about FFBH. Really, I don't know a whole lot about there bank. I know that they are from Harrison, AR and have a branch in Fayetteville, AR.

      They've shown modest growth, but don't seem to really drive for a lot of growth. Which isn't a bad thing... I think they'll be bought out someday, but that will probably be later rather than sooner (and I currently don't know would would buy them probably someone like Firststar or Community Bank or First Western). Doubt they'll carry much value or multiples as OZRK.

      Anyway, there's been a lot of activity on the market for OZRK. Wonder why... I have my own opinions, but I'll keep them to myself.

    • Nice comparison. I've always questioned who pays attention to downgrades and upgrades. Usually the share price goes back to where it had been within a few days of whatever price movement occurred after a change of grade.

      Your little comparison wouldn't sell me on the services of Morgan Keegan!

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