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  • Huskies_70 Huskies_70 Mar 18, 2004 9:05 AM Flag


    The share price seems to be cruising nicely north of the 50 and 200 day moving averages. Given the consistently low short interest rates, I suspect the spread between borrowing and lending, coupled with Ozark's ability to execute, will result in another good quarter. Unless there's unexpected bad news, I anticipate little occasion for the share price to go below 24 in the near term.

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    • TSN is the correct answer, you should play on Jeopardy, us in the south can only marvel at such wisdom...

    • Hi Huskies! This posting is both on/off topic for OZRK.

      First the off: If you bank at SOV, are you aware that they outsource to India after midnight? I just found this out (over on the WB board) and verified, via phone calls, that this is true. WB (thank heavens) does not.

      On topic: Assuming/hoping OZRK does *not* outsource C.S. to India, it might be able to increase business in the future, and now, by making it clear in printed/radio or TV/their web site that they do *not* outsource.

      Maybe some people don't care, but I gag over the idea that someone in another country has access to private information on me. Outsourcing financial accounts is not a good idea in my book and is probably something that a person would want to take into consideration when opening an account.

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      • Hi Ngari
        I don't bank at SOV. However, I read a lot about SOV last week when they snapped up Waypoint. ...Another smaller central Pennsylvania bank has been "bigee sized."

        I agree with your comments on outsourcing of banking. As an investor, I guess SOV can say they're margin-minded. I wouldn't want my bank doing it, though. But then there are lots of reasons I like banks as an investor, but don't like them as a customer.

        I doubt OZRK is at the outsourcing to India juncture, but then....isn't using the Arkansas labor force the same as outsourcing to a third world country?

        PLEASE NOTE....The above is a crude attempt at humor!!

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