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  • gto400400 gto400400 Jun 10, 2008 1:26 PM Flag

    does this company ever talk??

    dont they have anything to say?? r they all just sitting around drinking coffee and eating doughnuts?? ive seen pinks that trade under 100k shares a day with a better pr department than this. give us a simple corprate update or something, geez say something!!!

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    • gto- if you were managing this company as it is currently being run would you want to release any information? They collect their pay, award themselves 700,000 shares each quarter and lose money in a red hot business. The best thing for shareholders would be to sell the business but then where would they get the next check? Based on Q1 report there is no hope of them making a go of it. AOG received $7.77/mcf in Q1, historically a good price. Our only hope is they are selling on the spot market or locked in to some much more favorable prices. Way too much overhead for a pissant gas producer.