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  • broketherecord broketherecord Oct 3, 2008 10:25 AM Flag

    If the House Passes the Bailout Legislation

    there is a slim possibility of AOG surviving, otherwise it is all over in my opinion. They have been operating on borrowed money since inception and if credit dries up further no one will loan them a plug nickel. At eight cents, you may, however, be better off holding in the hope that the legislation will help.


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    • I'm holding my breath!............Hurry go get an ambulance!

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      • Thanks for the consortium info--Maybe there is some life left in this old gal after all.

        I'm reconsidering my position. I bought in at around .80 sold off most of my shares at .35 However, I think at .08-.09 a share the upside makes the gamble more attractive. I don't know how the rescue plan will affect AOG but there is a remote possibility it will find the financing necessary to survive. If that becomes the case then those who bought in under a dime will look and feel great. I think there is a 10% chance AOG will pull thru and regain its former PPS. Adding a couple of thousand shares at this price level might be prudent.

      • How come foreclosure relief isn't addressed in the bill? Everyone needs to educate themselves, the real problem which is "Credit Default Swaps", which are nothing more then "hedge bets" by buying an insurance that AIG made available, that if there is a "default", then AIG must pay out. There is a mountain of these due on October 6. Maybe over a trillion dollars worth, and now that the US Government took over and owns 80% of AIG, it is the taxpayer on the hook to make good on those payouts. That is what this bailout is REALLY about!! They just don't want the taxpayer to know that. Why? Because these Credit Default Swaps are really nothing more than a COMPLETELY UNREGULATED WAY TO PULL THE WOOL OVER EVERYONE"S EYES!!! You see the gamblers in collusion with the bankers AND THE BANKERS THEMSELVES make sure their bets are sure winners.
        If you still have faith in their decision process..........
        We once fought wars over communism, now were in bed with them. Not only have we handed them our technology & JOBS! We owe communist China over 500 billion $. They gain power in the currency exchange rate alone, as our gov't spends into oblivion. We have got to innitiate campaign reform immediately. We can't handle 4 more years of incumbents. Both presidential candates are incumbents. They are heavily financed by muli-billion dollar global corps. Notice how they both favored passing the 1st "pork filled" bill "expediently". The ceo's are recieving GOLDEN PARACHUTES!!! They plan on enforcing the rules LATER! We the (gouged out of the American dream)people, are paying Feddy Mack n Fanny May cash $$$. They inturn hand the ceo's who fraudulantly hid this nightmare from their investors. These same ceos who have "selfishly" accepted short term profits knowing they were creating a catastophy....are being handed 14 million & 18 million severence packages. INSTEAD OF JAIL!!! Lets not forget the millions in free stock options, the company car,expense acct etc etc etc ......I've lost all faith in our gov't. Our founding fathers didn't have multi- billion dollar corporations financing campaigns. This system has been hi-jacked by the top 2-4% of the wealthiest people in the country. The democratic system has been bought with $. You can have 96% of the people complain about the porous borders & they still won't listen. We the people are being used as pawns. Campaign reform is the answer. Take out the "only money runs only money wins" system.
        Eliminate all lobbyists in govt & the corrupt mkt.
        Take corporate financing out of campaigns. Let "real" people run for offices. Not just "spoiled brats". Eliminate electoral votes. Make each individual's vote counts. If we keep things as they are, Global corporations will continue to bully us into poverty. They will continue to progressively outsouce our jobs. Nothing will be made in America anymore.
        We better get a handle on our gov't. Example; axis of evil was a great idea. Lets start a never ending war. We could start after weopons of mass destruction. It's an open paycheck to a never ending war. Our vp defence contractor Dick knows how to turn a blind eye on his ol'buddies building tax free palaces in Dubai. Notice: not one road has been paved in bagdad with our money. We still have 1950's valves on the precious oilwells. Nobody is ever held accountable in a court od law for numerous "overchages" of our $. We are spending billions & billions over there & nobody knows where it vanishes! This is madness!! I would have fallen for the stabilize the region antic (if I wasn't lied to) however, the spending is MADNESSS!!!! America was a great idea ...we need to take it back!