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    • I'm strong and long. I pick my choices carefully and hold for at least 12 months. Done nicely here so far. Looking forward to a summer full of romance.

    • todays target 32

    • Just block out the noise and remember why you
      bought MSGI. It will take til June for everything to
      come together, and then I believe it will be a summer
      romance! I know this doesn't seem too factual, but you can
      run the info and numbers yourself. I just hate it
      when the shorts and nervous nellies start yammering
      and spreading their panic. That is why I mostly READ
      the boards and rarely POST. It is easier to observe
      from afar and see what is actually happening.

    • can you give us a little more?

    • shall shower the patient investor in this stock. To those who doubt this, I can only say. . . you have no idea what the future holds for MSGI. PATIENCE til June!


    • Stock headed back up from here. What a gem following some profit takin after nice run up.

    • Most of us are big enough to admit Larry's
      4-point windfall.
      Wow, what a trade! I short stocks
      all the time, and have no
      problem with it. It's
      the way he posts with a total lack of
      any respect,
      let alone significant facts. This "pig is
      and "headed for the teens" are not anything new to
      the Internet forum. The fact that Insiders have taken
      substantial profits
      here is of significant importance and
      should be watched.
      Other than this fact, this I-net
      is not much different than the other quality
      players. MSGI has quality backers and customers to boot.
      Unlike hugeguy, I have kept all my shares from
      and just trade the swings with fresh money. I can
      remember plenty of Larry's in the teens who loaded the
      boat (short) only
      to take it hard up to $60. Don't
      think this couldn�t happen again (it very well could).
      The fact that a stock goes from
      $5 to $60 is not
      a reason to short; but a certain amount
      consolidation is necessary (& healthy).
      Some good things on
      the horizon include national listing
      subsequent Option listing. I for one can't wait for the
      listing on the NASDAQ, it's a 50% gain in buying
      You shorts keep doing your thing and will try to keep
      you honest.
      Just try to let us know when you
      cover, in real time if you please. There is nothing like
      the Monday morning short that covered on the weekly
      low just before the $10 point rally.
      You know the
      type I mean.


    • <EOM>

    • those buying at highs feel differently or are
      gone but I am as certain as one can be about any
      company and stock that MSGI will succeed big time and
      that ANY price paid for MSGI so far will see major
      gains over the next 6,12,18 months ... for those who
      are hooked on the adrenaline of hopping in and out of
      stocks after hours or days or even weeks and profiting
      (or LOSING) that time frame is an eternity ... now
      that is worthy of a good LOL! ...

      milestone to watch for --- if you see CMGI and GECC dump
      ALL or MOST (not some tiny %) of their shares then
      believe larrylotto if he's around then ... listen to him
      now and you might get back in lower or you might not
      but make sure it's low enough to make up for the
      taxes ... and realize either larry will be selling you
      back your shares and laughing at you or keeping them
      and making you pay more than you sold for ... that's
      how he plays the game ... because he represents a lot
      of "big boys" who love plundering novices and
      laughing at them while they do it ...

    • <EOM>

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