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  • cruisetrav cruisetrav Mar 17, 2010 9:46 PM Flag

    This is rich

    you seem very upset and angry? why? wonder why this economy is in trouble people over react when things don't go their way when they want it. ups and downs! part of life get over it! all the new from MSGI is very good. do you think your angry attitude is going to make me sell or stop investor from buying.
    - serious Madison And Wall Investments, LLC. just Retired $12 Million In Debt Eliminating Five Convertible Debt Instruments
    thats 12 million

    i bet you own shares admit it - you do don't you

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    • I HAVE owned shares of MSGI in the past. I also have been short AND long at the same time due to extreme volatility. (That's a trick I bet most of you can't figure out how to do)

      However, I have never been an investor, just a trader, first to admit it.

      That being said I have made much more on the short side than the long.

      Currently I have no position but been around for a LONG time, now just for fun.

    • Hooray! I'm so happy that an intelligent investor told all those dumb nay-sayers the real facts!

      Bye Bye Schmoozie--Jaks--Delray idiot etc. Hee Hee

      Show 'em how it works, Jeremy!

      We're off to the races----and Georgie and I can be returning to our beloved Manalapan soon. Ta Ta. Get the sailboat ready for fun!