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  • cruisetrav cruisetrav Jun 30, 2010 2:13 PM Flag

    I want to thank you

    im not trying to convince you do your research, as you are wrong! try hardeer to understand. as far as me posting i only started because you were calling msgi a scam and thats a total false opinion.

    much is happening and will not happen as you like but in my opinion and research they will happen and i wish them and all other shareholders nothing but the best.

    its apperant you guys should not be investors / traders but a $8 - $10 worker in a retail store.

    wish i new you personally so you can view my investment sucess vs yours!

    until than im
    off for some R & R. such a nice NYC day.

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    • its apperant you guys should not be investors / traders but a $8 - $10 worker in a retail store.
      i own a retail store!!!

    • hbugay Jun 30, 2010 2:20 PM Flag

      well that isn't much of an analysis cruise. that is more like a "it is so because i say it is so". let me make this clear. i have never called msgi.ob a scam. those are your words, not mine. i have only provided you with some of their financial issues, history and asked that you take me six motnhs to a year in the future when the 150 million shares can be dumped and tell me what is going to happen to a stock with no real revenues, a very shaky at best history, 200 million shares, a present five million dollar market cap when their accountants put the value at a negative 18 million and ask you what is a company with zero history for windmills going to be worth? and while you are doing the analysis, how much does msgi.ob make off of each windmill they put up? curious as to profit per unit--let me know buddy- i really want your help before i invest.