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  • asteve2 asteve2 Jun 5, 2009 1:18 PM Flag


    All to often it is easy to fixate on criticism and ignore the positive. So I will for the moment dwell on the positive.

    Latest Q, net income of 30000 vs a loss from same Q last year.

    Huge increase in net cash from operating activities in latest Q.

    Plenty of tax credits going foward.

    Latest Q has same number of average
    weighted shares outstanding vs the same Q last year.

    Growth has come from acquisitions as well as internally.

    Most of their subscribers are professionals who must keep up to date in order to stay relevant.

    A 9.23% decrease in total liabilities for the latest Q.

    In addition here are some pertinent reasons why companies like spro are necessary;

    The increasing recognition by professionals and corporations that they must continually improve their skills and those of their employees in order to remain competitive;

    Continuing professional education requirements by governing bodies, including states and professional associations;

    The plethora of new laws and regulations affecting the conduct of business and the relationship between employers and their employees;
    I rest my case.

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    • Make up your mind.The action of the stock is awful.Volume is horrendous and nobody is listening to a very undervalued company.Management Are you Awake.Get the job done completely.

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      • A simular company to Spro is UK based Bpp.L being bought out today by Appolo Global. Maybe you should write to Apol and tell them to buy Spro.
        Apol is the ticker symbol.
        Instead of complaining on this board about low volume and low valuation write to the company about your very valid point. You can write to Allen Greene at Spro; email;

    • Company now on a moving average cross over buy signal. Caution is still the word. Lets hope a few Wall Street gunslingers short this baby, then we're off to the races.
      I like management's current attitude towards options; They are not looking to exercise them anytime soon.

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