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  • stockystockystock stockystockystock Sep 30, 2011 1:18 PM Flag

    Tricare/SAIC Data Theft,five-million-unencrypted-us-soldier-records-stolen-from-car.aspx

    We're adults, so I think we know when people are trying to protect their own interests rather than admit to failure. Here's the dubious information:
    It took Tricare two weeks to reported 14 Septemeber theft.

    "We did not want to raise undue alarm in our beneficiaries and so wanted to determine the degree of risk this data loss represented before making notifications."
    The high tech defence contractor said the data was unencrypted because it lacked the capability to do to in line with US Government standards.
    t said retrieval of the data was unlikely because doing so "requires knowledge of and access to specific hardware and software, and knowledge of the system and data structure".
    "The government was seeking a compliant encryption solution that would work with the operating system when the backup tapes were taken," the company said.
    It took SAIC and Tricare two weeks to come up with this stuff. Hey guys, if you can't encrypt the tapes, then encrypt the database before it goes on the tapes. the government has standards that prevent safeguarding data? So there's poor standards in addition to poor security. That's a winning PR release. Two weeks for that? Are these execs that out of touch?

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    • SAIC does not have the technology to meet government ENCRYPTION STANDARDS??? THIS FIRM IS NOTHING BUT GOVERNMENT. And encryption is everything in government secure data!!! Oh, we lack that? Oh, maybe those tech drones sitting in Bangalore lack it? Maybe SAIC is JUST PLAIN STUPID!!!!