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  • cpanomore cpanomore Aug 24, 1999 8:40 PM Flag


    There are far too many hucksters on this site
    trying to push unrelated sites......
    this is the PSC
    board and should be used to cover relevant PSC
    material...these geeks who crawl in to these boards are merely
    This has been a good investment for me ..including
    reinvested dividends.
    However I originally bought because
    I thought the major (foreign) owner would seek a
    buy out.
    Any ideas on this?

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    • Vivendi may be buying because:
      1. They may
      really want to pick up PSC entirely someday.
      2. They
      really are "just" investors confident in management's
      plans and the growth potential of PSC.
      Either way, a
      nice vote of confidence for the company from a
      shareholder in a position to know a lot more than me. I'll
      keep DRIPping.

    • Why would Vivendi keep buying more shares? They
      already are the largest shareholder. From today's
      amemnded SEC form SC 13D/A they now own 19.5% directly or

      In their statement they say they are only
      buying for investment reasons.

      Somthing's up, We
      shall see in a few more months.

    • earnings came in higher than expected. I hope the stock runs up nicely also. Long and Strong PSC

    • from $0 to millions.....should run up nicely

    • Sprint Signs $750M Deal with Motorola and Samsung
      in audio

    • at the time that i posted, the info that i got
      was from the local news at around 7 pm, i did see the
      broadcast of nick
      ( soaking from the rain ) reassuring
      that the dam was indeed safe, imidiatly after the
      local news came on and apologized for the bad info but
      stated that it originated from the local police
      jurisdiction.i went to post what i had heard but the power went
      out until noon today.
      my intent was not to

    • Heard on the news that water was going over the
      spillway the way it was designed to do. Nick
      B. told the news
      that it wasn't a big problem.
      Just that the people down stream need to be aware that
      the creek going up.

    • is is having it time with psc,one of its
      resivoirs has a crack and may break leaving area with
      extensive damage and a large portion of service area
      without water for days.
      check first thing in am for

    • That's very interesting. Even though I own a fair
      amount of PSC, I don't frequently look at the insider
      trades. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I
      wonder why they haven't filed a new 13D. Their last one
      was in June 1998.

    • I bought and continue to buy primarily because of
      the management. They have a good growth/expansion
      strategy and they are implementing it well. There are a
      lot of otherwise good, asset rich companies out there
      that are managed by morons and never go anywhere- so
      its nice to find a gem like PSC. A secondary reason
      is the industry- water is still relatively
      undiscovered by the institutional investors, but that seems to
      be changing. Nevertheless, we small investors still
      have a good opportunity to get in before the mass of
      institutions in this industry. With regards to takeovers, the
      French company, Vivendi, owns about 16%+ of PSC and
      perhaps they, or some other corporation, will try to buy
      it out someday- I don't know. The recent price spike
      in the past few days suggests that somebody thinks
      PSC could be a target.

      • 1 Reply to Kagakusha
      • I bought PSC last week, when the stock dipped to
        21 3/4. I made a tidy little profit in about a week,
        but I'm not going to sell. I have been watching this
        company for a long time. It is very well run, and it is
        always looking for acquisitions. So when the "street"
        finally gets tired of all those internet stocks that
        aren't earning any money, then the emphasis will be on
        quality. When this happens, PSC should be an easy $30.

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