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  • twobaums twobaums Feb 29, 2008 4:27 AM Flag

    SCAM ALERT - DON'T BUY! Save your money and buy the VISA IPO!

    DON'T waste your money on this PUMP & DUMP SCAM!

    Go to and you'll see why the
    technology that HYPF is trying to market has come straight
    out of Information available at this website!

    Check the Level 2 Quote to see the number of shorts pump & dumping this company!

    THERE'S NO contracts for this company to make money!

    THERE'S NO technology that the company can patent!

    THERE'S NO Financials to report to investors because HYPF has no buiness!

    Try emailing the CEO - Doug Bender or HYPF Investor Relations - Stephen Taylor!

    Email Dr. Cliff Ricketts of Middle Tennessee University and you'll find out that HYPF technology is total crap!

    THIS IS A SHELL COMPANY - and a SCAM of TAYLOR INVESTOR RELATIONS courtesy of Stephen Taylor!

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    • You need to be very careful with what you are posting!

      Hypf does have financials that they post quarterly in a timely fashion. These are available here:ttps:// just click financials. Also Bender and Taylor are very easy to get in touch with, Mr. Bender has even been known to answer shareholders emails directly.

      The accusations you are making are incorrect.