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Nuveen Real Estate Income Fund (JRS) Message Board

  • bonefishinfool bonefishinfool Dec 31, 2009 4:11 AM Flag

    Price break-out above 50d moving avg.

    Havent't heard from many folks here lately, after beating down to 2 and 3 dollars a share. The price appears to be gaining momentum and with renewed fatih in REIT's, JRS should be trading much higher soon. I have traded this c.e.f. since offering at $15 / share...The div has been steady and good, used to be much better, but faired well in these times. At nearly $1.oo/share ( .88) divi. , and the backbone of Nuveen, it's no wonder the 50d MA has had a breakout. For those of you who bought at 2 and 3, you got your div. and almost 300 %. This is a no brainer buy, I have traded this thing back and forth for years. Also, kept a substantial base of shares for the long haul. My aires can fumble with the cap gains. This is a great way to a stout divi , without the hairball risk of Master Limit Partnerships and BDC's . Although they all have their "seasons". Some viewpoints on JRS would be appreciated...W

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    • I lost quite a bit of money on this fund so I'm pretty down on it. I think I'm out about $35,000 on JRS that I can't afford to lose. (I've sold out my shares of JQC at a loss. I'm not sure what to do with my shares of JTP.)

      I don't blame them for the collapse in REIT prices, but I do blame them for a lack of transparency and for not making any effort to reach out to their shareholders in a time of crisis to explain in detail what was going on. Nuveen did have one generalized conference call covering all of the funds about the failure of the leveraging strategy. That conference call was helpful as far it went, but not nearly detailed enough to make investment decisions.

      I can't figure out what is going on with JRS. Their web site shows the fund is making .0400 per share per month, but the monthly dividend is .0733 per share. So where is the missing .0333 coming from? Is that return of capital? Nuveen's history of making sudden dividend cuts without any explanation to the shareholders doesn't give me much confidence.

      Some of the MLP's that you mentioned are quite attractive investments. But Nuveen sucks. Pardon my French.

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      • Hey Hungry, The thing to remember is that you are only out if you sell. You still make the same income per share regardless of price. Well, yes obviously the div . can change as well, which it has...years ago this thing has been paying crazy high dividends. Not so crazy anymore, but 11% in this market ? I "ll take it esp. knowing the worst is over ( i hope) . Look at the volume today. low, means more buyers than sellers with the price jump. I checked and I still am getting .22 share/qtr which is still .88/yr.? where did you get your number from? maybe I'm missing something? , I just check the distribution for 31 dec. I rode this thing down to the bottom and kept on buying, so my loses are diminishing fast. Only u know how long to recoup 35k. Im not a wealthy investor , but I am self taught and in this movement, I would not sell right yet. Wait to 12 or 13. Demand is steaming into REIT's, as long as buying is occuring,the price will move. It is. MOst of my divi investments are ones that I leave the CG's to my beneficiaries to sort out and get teh dividend for a long time. I also like BDC's and Master LImit Partnerships. I will also sell some once in a while , but eventually buy them back. To me 10-13 % year in year out is good deal with most of these, that is unless you are fishing for two, three, four baggers. The longer you hold , the less you loose hungary. cheers and goodluck!

    • jtroester Jan 11, 2010 3:27 PM Flag

      Greatings...never been on here before but since I have 710 shares of JRS from its IPO day I couldn't refuse. I've been well pleased with it. Sure it tumbled like everything else, but I saw my IPO of $15 go to $30. Being an amateur with this particular type of investment and going in blindly, I'm happy. It's coming back unlike my poor Oppenheimer who now has a class action suit against it. As for leaving the capital gains to the "aires" as I saw, btw it's "heirs", it's financial attitudes like that that have gotten people into financial disaster. People in general do NOT understand tax and CG type of issues. Tax preparers are inundated by a complex code to inforce and lawyers...well we won't go there. So, fix things in your estate planning so your HEIRS don't have to be handling one more issue besides putting you in the ground. Happy Investing !!

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      • Hey Bro, Here's the scoop over here.. As I said up above, I have bought and sold thousands of shares of this thing. I have used it as a day trade vehicle when the time is right. Also , as a long term term investent as an income insturment. The point about leaving CG's to teh heirs is about income investing. When you get to the point when enough cash is enough, the cg's can go to ones estate, if any and be redeemed at any time. I don't see that as being irresponsible? Quite the contrary. There is no financial disaster here, nor will there be, but i have enjoyed between 10-20% divis on some of my basis since 2001, I beleive was the IPO. The disaster sounds like it's in your court with Oppenheimer? A new point to make is that if you may take on trading strategy that wins you good cg's over the years, which I have with JRS, and bought at the lows and sold at the peaks, the current theoretical gains or losses can become irrelevant as at some point , the shares have been bought with your gains from the past and the divi is just gravy to live on. I live on dividends , so I must be doing ok. I have had a lot of luck with this JRS, but for certain , this ground may not be stable and will not likely make 15 in your lifetime as rates are zero and bonds will surely plummet as rates climb. If you had the gut to buy and sell you stock , you may own lot more shares...everyone has a different take on risk? I think it is arrogant to think "most people do not understand tax and CG issues", it must be great to know "most people".
        As far as estate plan, everyone leaves something unless you've planned on dying exactly broke? There is nothing to fix in my estate, my family will benefit from good investments which bring yields hopefully through their life. If you use a tax preparer or lawywer , which you seem to be in teh subjective know about, you may not know the law yourself. I don't use either.
        As far as you comment about my spelling, here's tip for your first post experience. If you want to benefit and gain from community with people, overlook their weaknesses, my focus here is making friends that can help me with investing, not exploit their imperfections?? , like spelling Ohh and while I"m on that thread..."greatings" is spelled greetings and "inforce" is spelled enforce, but who really cares?
        Ohh and BTW , the div is .88/share/year or .22qtr

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