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  • stockpicker2 stockpicker2 Mar 16, 1998 12:46 AM Flag

    should have heeded

    My warning to take 17.5 and run next buying opportunity should be around 15.5 if I have it figured correctly. This stock
    only touched 20once back in oct for a day don't be greedy when it runs to 17 or 18 take anexit this stock is going to roll. Good
    luck. I bought orcl before earnings with the money I made on hele and will sell orcl after a 20% run I figure. This is just a
    small % of my total port. also rolling or holding csco cbsl intc msft plab pfbi rii strx wcom hmtt yuri ko ntz mrvc amongst others
    you might look at some of these. Any comments? Good investing. By the way I do see value in hele but not much support above 17
    or 18.

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    • You probably had to cover your shorts today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Like I said when it hits 17 1/2 it would take off!!!!!

      Reference post #134

      HELE is on its way back up.... we will probably see a dip Monday due to profit taking, but just hang in there it is going to fly, heck if you hang around stockpicker2 you will more than make up for your shorting loses.....

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      • What a turnaround! I think the price increase is not related to the company per se, but to the small cap sector which surprisingly (at least to me) has taken off in the last week or two. Russell 2000's been doing nicely. I think buyers are still in the market and it's good (and comforting) to see them beginning to scoop up small caps with good fundamentals. I was getting concerned about the one-dimensional nature of this bull market, but we seem to be adding another dimension.

        Just my humble opinion.

    • I once thought they did have their own products, but since I had never seen them on the shelf I wasn't sure.

    • HELE does has had its own line of proffesional beautician products for years, i.e. hair dryers, brushes,etc. They also own thier own plants and are expanding as we speak.... A buyout I do not see, like I have said before... HELE is in excellent financial shape and growing.... Do not get me wrong...if I was a large company looking to take over a well managed, established company HELE would definently be one on my list.

    • I wonder where these rumors get started; sure isn't affecting HELE's price today. Big letdown that it couldn't support 17.

      HELE would be difficult to buy but easy, too, since so few insiders control so many shares. I don't see the benefit, though. HELE really doesn't own anything valuable--they lease their brand names and only manufacture commodity products.

    • I would not mind seeing a buyout, but with the excellent shape HELE is in I doubt it.... There are a lot of rumors flying about it.... stranger things have happened.... I heard a figure of 24 a share..... I think HELE is to powerful to be boughtout but that remains to be seen

    • Looks like the Sunbeam buyout rumor on Yahoo has now reached Silicon Investor. Seems late in the game for a buyout.

    • Lets just say that I have a friend..who has a friend...SOC and HELE is a perfect fit..look who Dunlop just hired..Kelly ennis, to head up a div of their "TARGET MKT"...Women 25-55 hhmmm... Who needs the word to be out? on a takeover, the stock will trade as normal, unless the word is out..Did coleman or sig brands, or first alert look like takeovers? maybe a little.... But the fact remains that they are on a list of 6, top of the list at that, of co's, Big Al is looking at.

    • If word is that Sunbeam is going to buy out HELE at 24, then that
      word can't be very loud. Volume of 64,000, selling at 17 1/4? I
      don't think so.

      I wouldn't mind such a buyout very SOON. But HELE is still
      spending money on their own and I doubt they would be spending
      money for somebody else.

    • stockpicker2 HELE has seen 20+ numerous times over the years and I know it was over 30 before the last split. HELE has always split 2 for 1 when it hits about 25 and if you really check it out HELE has split numerous times in the past, so in my opinion, the majority of the brokerage houses, and HELE history you are wrong about no support above 17 or 18.... you can sell at 17.5 if you wish, but you will be missing out on a breakout!!!! Those in the know will still be here.

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      • Since noon today, the price/share has risen just under 10%. I haven't seen any news lately. What's causing this ?

        Also, in previous posts, people have said that "once it hits 17.5, it will jump up". How can something like that be predicted ? Why would there be a buy order at 18.5 when the stock is below this amount ? What's the benefit to waiting under it goes higher ?

    • How come you don't see support above 18? The company would appear to be very well positioned to return to its former growth pattern in 1998, fueled by its ability to respond to demand, now that manufacturing is up and running in Mexico and Asia. Supply seemed to be the issue last year, not demand, so I would assume demand for HELE products hasn't diminished. If the company reports a couple of good quarters, why would the street reward it?

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