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  • makingdoe makingdoe Mar 5, 1999 12:01 PM Flag

    Interesting note

    This is just a light hearted obsevation about
    some of the stocks i own.
    Stocks like coke, home
    depot, harley-davidson are all big companies that again
    today are doing well with the markets increase. These
    are all good companies that i have had for a while,
    but are (honestly) over priced now, but again they
    are big companies.
    I have two small cap stocks,
    one of course is hele. Both have good fundamentals,
    are very reasonable priced,and for all the info
    available shows no reason whatsoever to be going
    But they (both) are languishing.
    No reason. They
    both should be (based on fundamentals along with
    price) screaming buys, but they are not.

    people in general just dumping small cap stocks???

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    • the small caps languishing and money chasing the
      big caps...that may be your answer to your question,
      "Are people in general just dumping small cap
      stocks???" Meaning, folks are just not buying the small
      caps...doesn't really look like the small caps are being
      dumped...they've already been sold the moment, there's
      just no buyers of size.

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      • For Small Caps I tend to find that they languish
        when the Market goes up strongly. Then people are
        investng usually in Large Cap or Technology Stocks, and
        not puttng their money into the Small Cpas. But the
        reverse isn't true - unfortunately.... When the market
        goes down, the Small Caps usually go down in sympathy
        with them (the Market in general).

        On the
        positive side, what I find is that the Small Caps tend to
        move on "news" much more dramatically then the Large
        Caps. So if you get in at the right time, and can hold
        for a while, your eventual returns may even beat the
        S&P averages, etc.

        All of the above is IMHO


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